Johnny Depp will not return to “Pirates of the Caribbean”: the end of Captain Jack Sparrow


During the trial that he has been facing against Amber Heard, the actor gave his opinion on whether he was willing to return to being Jack Sparrow, a character that gave him world fame.

If fans thought that Johnny Depp would return to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, this will no longer be the case. With the trial for defamation that he maintains with his ex-wife Amber Heard in process, the interpreter spoke about his future and how the role of Jack Sparrow is no longer in his plans.

Depp, who achieved his global star status with his portrayal of the captain of the Black Pearl in 2003, walked away from the saga after Disney cut him from the project following Heard’s first accusations of domestic violence.

With the trial in progress, and with Johnny Depp already testifying before the judge, the interpreter responded to the actress’s lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, if his legal situation cost him the job he had agreed with Disney, which involved a new movie of ” Pirates of the Caribbean”. He said yes.

“The fact is, Mr. Depp, if Disney came to you with $300 million, nothing in the world would allow you to work with them again? Correct?” Depp replied: “That is true, sir, not even for that amount.”

Under cross-examination, Rottenborn sought to show that Disney had already made the decision not to feature Depp in a future film before Amber Heard wrote her op-ed.

The lawyer showed a Daily Mail news story from October 25, 2018, where it is mentioned that Johnny Depp was “out of the role of Jack Sparrow”. The actor responded that he “wasn’t aware of that,” but wasn’t surprised considering “Disney was trying to cut ties with him to be safe as a company.”

What is the chronological order to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

What was Johnny Depp’s first movie?
Perhaps there is still someone who remembers that the first film in which the chameleon Johnny Depp was seen was in the mythical “Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Which actors almost became Jack Sparrow?

Among the first candidates was Hugh Jackman; in fact, he was proposed by the co-creator of the saga Stuart Beattie. However, Disney thought he wasn’t famous enough to star in “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Another well-known actor who was on the list before Deep was Matthew McConaughey, since he resembled Burt Lancaster, a celebrity who was the inspiration for the first sketch of the script, but the idea was rejected.

Disney’s condition for Depp to return to “Pirates of the Caribbean”
We Got This Covered previously reported that the actor could return to Pirates of the Caribbean 6 under a condition imposed by Disney. “If Johnny Deep wins the case”, he would be proposed by The House of Mouse to see Captain Jack Sparrow on the big screen again.

When did the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard begin?
The trial takes place in Fairfax County, Virginia, and began last Monday, April 11, 2022. It is being broadcast on television.

What was Johnny Depp’s last movie to date?
Johnny Depp played the character of Colonel Joll in the Italian film “Waiting for the Barbarians” which was released on September 6, 2019.

Trailer for “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”

When is “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” coming out?
Although there is no official date for the sixth installment, it is estimated that it could hit theaters in mid-2023. Without Johnny Depp in the cast, the leading role will fall to actress Margot Robbie.

What happened to Davy Jones and Calypso?
Will, with the help of Jack Sparrow, stabs Davy Jones’s heart, causing his death and thus becoming the captain of the Flying Dutchman, must keep the promise to Calypso, or be cursed.

What is the order of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?
Unlike sagas like “Star Wars”, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the “X-Men”, the correct order to watch the five “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies is exactly the same from a chronological sense.

Where was “Pirates of the Caribbean” filmed?
The five films of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga were recorded mainly on Tortuga Island, Dominica Island, the Bahamas Islands, Wallilabou Bay, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Port Royal.

What work helped Johnny Depp as an actor?
One of Johnny Depp’s first jobs was as a sales agent. His main function was to sell personalized pens over the phone, a job that helped him get closer to acting because he had to win over customers with persuasion techniques.


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