Ji Chang Wook Turns Out To Be Very Stressed While Filming ‘The Sound Of Magic’, Why?

While Conducting An Interview Recently, Ji Chang Wook, Who Has Starred In Many Famous Dramas, Felt A Lot Of Pressure While Filming ‘The Sound Of Magic’. What Is The Reason?

Recently, Ji Chang Wook did an interview to discuss various interesting things about his latest drama, ” The Sound of Magic “. One of the topics he talked about was the pressure he felt while filming this drama.

Based on the popular webtoon titled “Annarasumanara”, “The Sound of Magic” is a musical drama that tells the story of a mysterious magician named Lee Eul (Ji Chang Wook). He then appears in front of Yoon Ah Yi ( Choi Sung Eun ), a girl who has lost her dream, and Na Il Deung ( Hwang In Yeop ), a boy who is forced to dream.

During the interview, Ji Chang Wook confessed that he only read half of the original work. He said, “I read about half of the original work. The reason why I didn’t read it to the end was because I didn’t think it would be helpful to refer to the original as it is.”

He continued, “I only read to understand the original message. I am different from the original character. Instead of following him 100 percent, I re-created Lee Eul by communicating with the director and writer. But what I have to do is not obscure the message and its true essence. “

Ji Chang Wook then revealed the pressure he felt while filming. He explained, “I feel a lot of pressure. Actually, I can’t help it.”

“The original webtoon is a masterpiece that has been well received by many people. It is not easy to apply on screen. Lee Eul in the original is very cool. So there is a lot of pressure,” he said.

He continued, “Lee Eul is a fantasy but realistic character. I think she is like a psychopath. She is a complex character. So I talked a lot with the director. It was difficult but fun. Lee Eul is a straightforward person.”

“When filming I always asked, ‘Why does this character act like this’, but there is no such question in this work. I like that he is happy and angry when he is angry. I acted while expressing his emotions honestly,” he added.

Despite having a lot of pressure, Ji Chang Wook felt quite fun while filming. “It felt good. First, there were days when I was tired and worried about showing up on set. Surprisingly, when I entered the dressing room, I felt fine.”

“It’s like going to an amusement park. There’s also a bit of excitement. When I see Ah Yi and Il Deung, I want to cheer them on. ‘The Sound of Magic‘ is a healing work that gives me joy,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “The Sound of Magic” has proven quite successful since its release on May 6. This six-episode drama even managed to take fourth place on the Netflix Global TV Show Rankings.

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