Jang Won Young IVE Is Ordinarily Cute, Unusual Ways When Eating Strawberries Trigger Various Reactions


When IVE Appeared On The Program ‘The Manager’, Jang Won Young Showed An Unusual Way Of Eating Strawberries. Not Only Surprising The MCs, Jang Won Young Also Received Mixed Responses.

Some time ago, IVE appeared on the reality show ” The Manager ” showing their new side. In addition to the size of the dorm that had caught the attention, small things like the way Jang Won Young ate strawberries were also highlighted.

On the Saturday (9/4) episode, IVE’s dorm life was revealed for the first time. The members were seen gathering in the living room washing and eating shine muscat grapes and strawberries.

There was one moment where Jang Won Young grabbed a strawberry with both hands and started chewing cutely like a hamster. When he saw it, MC Yoo Byung Jae laughed and imitated Jang Won Young’s gesture. “Is this how you eat?” he asked.

Other MCs such as Lee Young Ja and Song Eun Yi said with suppressed smiles. “Why are you like that? Isn’t it an offense to eat a strawberry with two hands,” they commented.

I guess they never thought they would eat in such an unconventional way like Jang Won Young. The reason is, the strawberries eaten by idols born in 2004 can also be enjoyed with one bite using their thumb and forefinger.

In response, Jang Won Young explained why he had no other choice but to eat with his two hands. “But really, Mary Queen strawberries are too big,” he said.

After the episode of “The Manager” aired, viewers gave mixed reactions to Jang Won Young’s way of eating. Both from the online community and YouTube, most netizens find him adorable. On the other hand, there were some netizens who gave oblique comments.

“He has all the funniest things in the world,” said one netizen. “The way he eats strawberries is very valuable,” said another netizen, “He was born cute,” said another.

“Wearing two hands is too much,” commented a netizen. “I think he is too aware of the camera,” continued another. “The stretching in the morning looks unnatural,” added another.

Meanwhile, Jang Won Young is currently busy with a promotional schedule after releasing “Love Dive” with IVE. The six-member girl group has just made a comeback after 4 months since it officially debuted.


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