J-Hope BTS And Karina Aespa Compact Do This On Social Media, Promise?


Both J-Hope And Karina Expressed Their Joy At The Historic Achievement Of Korean Soccer Player Son Heung Min. This Has Succeeded In Attracting Public Attention.

In the midst of dating rumors of V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) and Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ), J-Hope’s post was in the spotlight because it had similarities with Karina Aespa .

As is known, V and Jennie are reportedly in a special relationship because of a photo circulating. This allegation has been spreading through online communities since May 22 and has been widely discussed by many people.

While HYBE has not released a statement, public attention is on J-Hope’s post. Both J-Hope and Karina expressed their joy at the historic achievement of Korean soccer player Son Heung Min .

On May 23 KST, J-Hope shared his excitement with fans. He joined many Korean football fans to watch a Tottenham Hotspur game past midnight (Korean time).

J-Hope posted a video of Son Heung Min’s fantastic second goal and cheered for him on his Instagram Story. He congratulated Son Heung Min by instantly tagging his account and showing his pride through the fire emoticon.

The owner of the name Jung Hoseok also uploaded a video of Son Heung Min receiving the Golden Shoe trophy and captioned it, “Amazing.” It was clear that he was very proud of the footballer’s achievements.

Like J-Hope, Karina sent a message on Bubble to her fans about Son Heung Min, saying, “Maybe it’s random, but I just saw an article that said Son Heung Min was the top scorer. Wow, his 23rd goal is really cool .”

The beautiful idol from SM Entertainment added, “I’m going to sleep now. Goodbye. But can’t I see Son Heung Min score again? That’s really cool.”

Whether by appointment or coincidence, J-Hope and Karina’s compact post attracted public attention not because of compatibility or lovestagram. The two popular idols were praised for their enthusiastic support for Korea’s proud athletes.


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