IU Was Beaten Hard By A French Caucasian Woman On The Red Carpet Of The Cannes Film Festival, A Form Of Racism?

On This Day, Friday (27/5), A Post Entitled ‘The Woman Who Hit IU’s Shoulder’ Was Uploaded On Internet Communities Such As FM Korea, Bobae Dream And Ppomppu, Attracting Attention.

A video showing a blonde woman nudged IU ‘s shoulder hard is now causing controversy. The incident occurred during the red carpet event at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival.

On this day, Friday (27/5), a post entitled “The woman who hit IU’s shoulder” was uploaded on Internet communities such as FM Korea, Bobae Dream and Ppomppu, attracting attention. A video is also attached to the post.

The video shows a blonde woman banging her shoulders violently with IU, who is standing hesitatingly on one side of the venue. When the woman left her position without apologizing at all, IU looked embarrassed and tried to smile.

Netizens who saw this video immediately looked for the identity of the impolite woman in the video. After that, the blonde woman was identified as a beauty influencer from France named Maria Travel.

When DMs of protest from Korean and foreign netizens were poured out, Maria Travel finally apologized. The woman said on her Instagram story, “I’m not very good at English, but I will do my best to speak.”

“I want to apologize for what happened on the red carpet today. I want to apologize to Korean actress Lee Jieun (IU). It was my fault for pushing her. I sincerely apologize,” he continued.

MLB Park community members responded by commenting, “I think he did it on purpose”, “If it was a mistake, Westerners would immediately apologize”, “He intentionally hit Asians, but he seems to have come to his senses after seeing IU’s follower count” and “This is clearly racism.”

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