IU Smoothly Refuses Drama Offers From ‘Crash Landing On You’ Screenwriters

Thanks To Her Popularity, It’s No Wonder That IU Is Flooded With Offers To Star In Dramas Such As ‘The Queen Of Tears’ From Well-Known Scriptwriter Park Ji Eun Who Worked On TvN’s ‘Crash Landing On You’.

In the midst of her popularity as a soloist as well as an actress, IU has received many offers to star in dramas. However, IU has openly politely declined an offer made to her recently.

According to an exclusive report from Ilyo, IU is currently in discussions for the female lead in writer Park Ji Eun’s new K-Drama which is tentatively titled ” The Queen of Tears “. The report stated that IU’s side and the production team had many discussions about her joining the show’s cast. Positively, IU considered the role.

However, through his agency EDAM Entertainment, he told the media that he had rejected the offer. “It is true that the actress was offered to appear in a new work by writer Park Ji Eun, but she politely declined,” the agency confirmed.

So far, IU has not appeared in any work since ” Hotel Del Luna ” starred in 2019. However, she has several appearances in the future such as the movie ” Dream ” and K-Drama ” Money Game “. There is a possibility if his schedule is tight so he chooses not to participate in this drama made by Park Ji Eun.

Park Ji Eun, who wrote the SBS drama ” My Love from the Star ” and tvN’s “Crash Landing on You]” is preparing a new work about the story of a company and the actress is the most capable. Producer Lee Eung Bok who directed ” Jirisan ” and ” Goblin ” is known to be in charge of directing this new drama.

Meanwhile, the female idol has solidified her position as an actress as well as a singer. He is active in various drama productions from ” Dream High ” to ” My Mister ” and “Hotel del Luna”. IU recently showcased her collaboration with singer Jay Park with the single “GANADARA” which was released in mid-March 2022.

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