Is Tiger Woods In Or Out For The 2022 Masters? What Does The Launched Pga Excursion Dedication List Mean?

It’s the query the entire golfing world keeps playing on repeat — will Tiger Woods play within the 2022 Masters?

Unfortunately, even as the Twitterverse went crazy at five p.m. ET on Friday whilst the PGA Tour released a dedication list to the Masters, the listing manner very little. So little, in truth, that the listing become later eliminated approximately an hour later.

Woods is a former champion, winning his most current green jacket in 2019, so he’s robotically indexed as an entrant into the tournament. He’s been on the Masters’ website at some stage in this ordeal.

He hasn’t informed Augusta National – as Phil Mickelson and Ian Woosnam have already got this yr – to transport him into the listing of beyond champions now not competing with the likes of Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and Tom Watson.

Masters: How to watch PGA Tour Live on ESPN+

And, of route, even as the Masters and the PGA Tour are pleasant, they’re now not unified. The Tour, remember, does no longer run the Masters, set policy at Augusta National or have a contractual relationship with the Masters. They are two separate entities, as many have talked about.

The PGA Tour published a five p.m. commitment listing for Masters. But Masters has no such commitment, and excursion has no involvement in Masters besides to remember it as an legit occasion. So the wait keeps. For all we recognize, Tiger might simply display up on Sunday unannounced.

— Doug Ferguson (@dougferguson405) April 1, 2022

Since the sphere is introduced every Friday around 5 p.m. local time for each Tour event, many were hoping Woods could screen his decision across the same time, but he’s below no duty to accomplish that.

Woods has fanned the flames of wish with reports of his training and playing at The Medalist in Florida and his reconnaissance trip Tuesday to Augusta National where he played all 18 holes alongside his son, Charlie.

But it’s attainable that his cap isn’t tipped until an announcement from the Masters comes with a list of upcoming player interviews.

On the Tiger Woods element…

It seems like every body looking ahead to an statement about the Masters is lacking something.

As a former champ he’s currently listed as IN the Masters. If he’s going to play there’s no real need for an announcement. You should be hoping to listen not anything!

— John Ziegler (@Zigmanfreud) April 1, 2022

Of course, the maximum difficult a part of wading through any potentials bulletins turned into the date — April Fool’s Day. Many on social media took advantage of the day to muse approximately Tiger’s potential return at the same time as many others warned approximately believing anyone who “broke the tale.”

Expecting a Tiger Woods statement concerning the Masters on April Fools Day is torture.

— Andre Huisamen (@andrehuisamen) April 1, 2022

So what does all of it mean? Nothing. Not yet.

Tiger remains eligible to play, he has been seen practicing and oddsmakers have already published his possibilities.

But in terms of authentic bulletins? As of Friday night, we still realize very little.

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