Impressing, Kim Kwang Kyu ‘Business Proposal’ Finally Can Buy A House At 56 Years Old


Kim Sejeong’s Father In ‘Business Proposal‘, Actor Kim Kwang Kyu, Revealed That He Was Finally Able To Buy A House After Saving For Decades. Take A Peek At The Appearance Of His New Home Below.

Happy news comes from senior actor Kim Kwang Kyu , who recently managed to buy his own house. This is known from the preview for the upcoming episode of MBC entertainment program ” I Live Alone “.

In the preview, the production team shows how Kim Kwang Kyu is adapting to his new home as it is his “first home in life”. Although he has starred in many dramas, Kim Kwang Kyu has been living in a rented apartment.

He said, “After living in a rented apartment (with payment systems) yearly and monthly, I earned enough money to buy a house for the first time. It took me 56 years (her age according to Korean calculations) to do it.”

After that, the production team showed the impressive interior of Kim Kwang Kyu’s house. The house offers fantastic views with a luxurious atmosphere that manages to make anyone chuckle.

Kim Kwang Kyu then said, “The whole house is decorated in a simple and comfortable way.” She also attracts attention when she puts things in her favor.

In addition, his performances while exercising and drinking celebratory drinks were also broadcast. But he looks a little awkward because he is still in the process of adapting to his new home.

Previously on the broadcast of “I Live Alone” last year, Kim Kwang Kyu once admitted to being cheated by a real estate agent. She said, “The real estate manager told me to buy a house because there was news that house prices were going down. I trusted him, so I didn’t buy a house and waited a bit.”

“However, house prices have now doubled. That makes me very angry. Currently I live in an apartment in Gangnam, Seoul, with a monthly rental system,” he said at the time.

Meanwhile, Kim Kwang Kyu is currently starring in the hit SBS drama ” Business Proposal “. He plays Shin Joong Hae, who is the father of Kim Sejeong ‘s character .


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