Ideal Type Of Girlfriend, Nam Joo Hyuk’s Way To Calm Kim Tae Ri In ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ Makes Melting


Nam Joo Hyuk’s Character Automatically Makes Kim Tae Ri Melt Because Of His Very Sweet Attitude In The Latest Episode Of ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’. Take A Peek At The Following Snippet.

The latest episode of ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One ” which aired on Sunday (20/3) presented a variety of interesting scenes. One of them is when Baek Yi Jin ( Nam Joo Hyuk ) calms Na Hee Do ( Kim Tae Ri ) who is angry.

The scene begins when Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do see two people arguing while eating at a tavern. Na Hee Do feels very angry that one of them is demeaning an athlete.

On the way home, Na Hee Do continues to nag, which overwhelms Baek Yi Jin. Baek Yi Jin even continued to adjust the umbrella he was holding to follow Na Hee Do’s movements so that the girl wouldn’t get rained on.

When Na Hee Do’s anger began to subside, Baek Yi Jin immediately put his arm around his shoulder to avoid getting hit by the rain. He said, “Come closer. You could catch a cold.”

Baek Yi Jin’s sweet treatment immediately made Na Hee Do’s attitude change drastically. He immediately silenced a thousand languages ​​and could only smile because he was blushing.

Na Hee Do who is addicted to the moment even makes up an excuse to spend more time with Baek Yi Jin. As soon as they parted ways at the hotel, Na Hee Do suddenly made an excuse that he wanted to buy Ko Yu Rim’s ( Bona WJSN / Cosmic Girls ) milk and asked Baek Yi Jin to continue with his umbrella even though the rain had stopped.

Meanwhile, “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One” only leaves four final episodes. The plan, this drama will end in episode 16 on April 3.


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