Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin A Yr After Being Revealed To Be Dating By Means Of Dispatch


Here are the present day whereabouts of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin a year after going public with their relationship. 

“Crash Landing on You” with the scorching chemistry of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin made the visitors enthusiastically “sail the deliver” for the two leads during the drama’s broadcast.

From the end of 2019 until early 2020, “Crash Landing on You” is a massive hit that made waves now not only in Korea however also throughout Asia. The drama, depicting a romantic love tale across borders, earns high viewership scores and captures the hearts of a huge target audience. 

After “Crash Landing on You” ended with a satisfying finishing for the primary couple, the viewers wanted Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin to emerge as a real-life couple. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are considered the maximum effective couple of Korea’s entertainment industry

In truth, previous to “Crash Landing on You“, the duo of Korean A-list actors co-starred in the theatrical film “Negotiation” in 2018, and that they got embroiled in courting rumors commonly.

After “Crash Landing on You“, dating rumors between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin stirred up the general public even greater. Hyun Bin is taken into consideration the dream man of each female, at the same time as Son Ye Jin is known as the “nation’s first love”.

In response to the non-stop denial of dating from effective stars, on January 1, 2021, Dispatch launched a chain of pictures of Hyun Bin taking Son Ye Jin to the golf path, making the public “explode”.

Various media retailers and visitors despatched their advantages and praised the couple’s beauty from the display screen to the real existence. Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin are taken into consideration to be the most effective, well-known, rich as well as well-obtained couple.

After a year of confirming their relationship, Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin are very secretive regarding their love affair. They hardly ever point out every other’s name no matter being asked normally. Korean media pronounced numerous times that Hyun Bin become searching out an costly house to put together for his marriage with Son Ye Jin.

Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin‘s wedding ceremony is predicted to be held in 2022 as each stars are already in their 40s.

While the information of the wedding ceremony is predicted through the public, each Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have showed their return to film projects.

On November 16, 2021, Hyun Bin confirmed his go back to the massive screen with a role in the film “Harbin” directed by Woo Min Ho.

Hyun Bin attempted his hand on the function of a North Korean secret agent inside the film “Reluctant Associate“.  However, the “Harbin” state of affairs is said to have numerous risky action scenes and is heavily invested.  The movie is slated to release in mid-2022.

Son Ye Jin is currently filming the drama “39”.  The drama revolves across the lives of three most important actresses, with 3 different fates and lives, and that they each have to face the worries and turning points at the age of 39. The drama will air from February 2022.

Immediately after finishing the 12-episode drama “39“, Son Ye Jin confirmed that she would participate within the film “The Cross“, that’s scheduled to start filming in mid-2022.

“The Cross” is an American-Korean co-manufacturing movie.  The film depicts the story of human beings divided between the terrible and wealthy societal lessons in a divided state towards the backdrop of a hypothetical multi-ethnic future.


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