Hypnotizing Golden Voice, VIVIZ Singing Live Reaping Praise Brings ‘Bop Bop!’ In ‘Queendom 2’


On The Latest Episode Of Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2’, VIVIZ Performed Their Debut Song ‘Bop Bop!’ Who Succeeded In Reaping Admiration. It’s Not Just The Concept, But How The Three Members Of The Group Show Off Their Golden Voices.

The epic performance of the participants of ” Queendom 2 ” in the latest episode has given the best impression. Including the performance of VIVIZ who showcased their golden voices live.

Through the eighth episode, the participants were required to perform fan-chosen songs. VIVIZ had the opportunity to perform their song “Bop Bop!”.

VIVIZ revealed that they never got the chance to perform the song in front of a live audience. After their performance, SinB expressed satisfaction with VIVIZ’s performance that night. “Of all our performances so far, I did this one with the most fun and happiness,” said SinB.

The three VIVIZ members also appeared with an adorable concept by performing the debut song “Bop Bop!”. It was their appearance that became the focus of the fans because it was delivered with live vocals that sounded very clear and clear at the same time.

Fans expressed their pride towards VIVIZ who never disappoints in every performance. Even VIVIZ’s live vocal abilities have become a hot topic of conversation for fans because they appear flawless and smooth.

“The stage is very good,” commented netizens. “Crazy, they are beautiful and cute,” wrote another netizen. “It looks like it’s a real live. You can tell the difference between this and AR,” another commented. “They chose a good concept. They did it very well,” said another.

“Umji is beautiful. I think she is always good by using her expressions on stage,” wrote another. “GFRIEND’s children are like that, there’s no need to doubt them anymore,” wrote another. “You’ve worked hard kids.. you’re so pretty and doing well!!” write another. “It’s really raw live but they did well,” another commented.

As is known, three members of VIVIZ namely Umji , SinB and Eunha had previously been loved by many fans when they were still in the girl group G-Friend . The disbanded girl group has talented former members. So it’s not surprising that when they performed their new debut song “Bop Bop!”, VIVIZ received praise.

Meanwhile, VIVIZ performed “Bop Bop!” with the concept of a high-energy cheerleader and got a high score thanks to this impressive performance. “Queendom 2” itself will air every Thursday.


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