Huh Yunjin LE SSERAFIM Turned Out To Be Very Difficult After Being Eliminated From ‘Produce 48’, This Is The Story


During An Interview Recently, Huh Yunjin LE SSERAFIM Revealed The Difficulties He Had To Go Through After Being Eliminated From ‘Produce 48’. Here’s The Full Narrative.

Before becoming a member of LE SSERAFIM , Huh Yunjin had participated as a ” Produce 48 ” contestant. He moved from the United States to try his luck in the competition as a PLEDIS Entertainment trainee.

While doing an interview with Weverse magazine , Huh Yunjin revealed that everything felt “fuzzy” when he arrived in Korea. He said, “Actually, I don’t remember much about when I first came to Korea. It was very busy and there were so many things to do and I was very excited.”

However, Huh Yunjin managed to impress everyone with his vocal skills when competing on “Produce 48”. Unfortunately he had to end up in 26th place after being eliminated in episode 11.

After that, news about Huh Yunjin was rare. He returned to his school life and training period to feel so lonely. “After the show ended and I returned to the quiet trainee life, I felt a bit lonely,” he said.

Huh Yunjin also found it very difficult to adapt in Korea because he couldn’t speak Korean fluently. As a result, he is unable to express his feelings properly to those around him.

She explained, “Sometimes I feel like I can’t express my feelings well no matter what I say because my family is all in the United States and I grew up speaking English.”

“I want to express myself properly, but my Korean is not that good. Plus, no one around me can speak English, so my English is getting weirder,” he added.

Despite having to go through various difficulties, Huh Yunjin decided to stay because of his love for the entertainment stage. His hard work paid off when he debuted as a member of LE SSERAFIM.

He explained, “I think I always knew that I would never live without music and performances. I thought I couldn’t give up because I wanted to make music and be on stage no matter what.”

“Everything feels like a dream. I was a trainee with a training period a little longer than the other members and a lot of things happened until I am where I am today,” he added.

“A lot of effort went into being able to debut, so it felt like a big problem and I felt a lot of pressure, so it didn’t feel real yet. I think I feel that way because I waited so long to get here,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM officially debuted on May 2 with the mini album “FEARLESS” featuring the title track of the same name. Production of LE SSERAFIM’s debut song was directed by Bang Si Hyuk , with the remaining credits being completed by the production team of 13, singer-songwriter BLVSH to American pop artist, Destiny Rogers.


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