Hollywood, Please Stop Doing All-Female Remakes Of Timeless Movies



It’s no secret that Hollywood is stressed with ‘remakes’ and also ‘reboots’ and also while some can be good– the 2001 Sea’s Eleven is better than the initial 1960 variation– most have a tendency to fade in comparison. However in recent years, Hollywood has actually begun doing remakes with all-female casts; something I seriously want they would certainly stop doing.

Prior to you leap to the verdict that I’m a misogynist, hear me out: I think it’s even more ‘feminist’ for Hollywood to focus on generating initial films and tv collection that feature all-female or female-led casts as well as have women authors, manufacturers and supervisors, rather than reworking the usual story however gender-flipped.

Take the all-female remakes Ghostbusters (2016 ), Ocean’s 8 (2018 ), What Male Need (2019) and Exactly How I Met Your Father (2022 ). Every one of these ‘women’ remakes have significantly reduced IMDb ratings than their corresponding originals, and also while I make sure there are some chauvinistic individuals out there mulling over scoring them reduced, they all are– in my simple point of view– no place near just as good as Ghostbusters (1984 ), Sea’s Eleven (2001 ), What Women Need (2000) as well as Just How I Met Your Mom (2005 ).

Why? Well, firstly the stories are foreseeable as well as unoriginal because, duh, we’ve seen it in the past. Secondly, they all simply appear to be pandering; and in doing so, we get one-dimensional personalities, inadequate plots and platitudinal discussion. If Hollywood actually desires a pat on the back for being more feminist as well as varied, rather than spending quality time, energy as well as cash on all-female remakes, focus on initial web content.


For example, the films Hidden Numbers, The First Spouses Club, An Organization Of Their Own, Alien and also Bridesmaids and also the Emmy acclaimed series Buffy the Vampire Killer all have women leading the actors however because they are ‘original’, the characters are intriguing, the plots are fully become aware and the discussion (mostly) prove out.

Because these films/shows have actually been particularly composed for females as opposed to all-female remakes where women have to jump right into a role that was originally created for a guy, that’s. And also, the ‘feminism’ is not rubbed in the audience’s faces; the leads are simply solid, complex women who operate at NASA, seek vengeance on their ex-husbands, make baseball background, battle aliens, deal with relationships breaking down over jealously and kill vampires …


There’s no ‘hey, appearance we remade this film today every male personality is a female; yay us’ bullshit that’s basically performative feminism. So, please Hollywood, I beg you, quit making all-female remakes as well as give me more Buffy’s as well as Ripley’s.


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