Hogwarts Mystery celebrates its 4th anniversary!

The mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery celebrates its 4th anniversary this Monday, April 25! We take the opportunity to do a little overview of the game and what it offers today.

To give you my experience with this one, it’s a game I play every day, which has accompanied me for 4 years every morning with my coffee to start the day, and which I deeply appreciate despite its faults (we will come back to this).


4 years after its release, the fact is undeniable, Hogwarts Mystery is in great shape, and certainly holds the recipe for the elixir of life.

If we did not give much of our skin at its beginnings, many thinking that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite would take everything in its path, it is clear that the trend has been reversed today.

Dance of joy with a Mooncalf to celebrate?

If the financial results surrounding the game are not yet known for the year 2021, we can bet that they will still be as good as those presented in 2020 , the pandemic period having greatly helped the game. According to the specialized site SensorTower , Hogwarts Mystery would thus bring in $2 million a month , making it one of its publisher’s most profitable games.

By offering new content on a weekly basis (quests, Quidditch, mini-games, new magical creatures), personalization and interactions (love relationships that can be maintained, collectibles to furnish our dormitory or our club), by multiplying the challenges and temporary events, Jam City shows that it values ​​its game and the community that has gradually united around it. This is evidenced by the figures revealed by the publisher on Twitter, which demonstrate exceptional vigor and strong player activity in the game. 



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The game also received an Honorary Webby Award , an award highlighting the quality of productions available on the Internet.


To celebrate its 4th anniversary, the Jam City teams asked the kitchen elves to put the dishes in a big way by offering new experiences and content. To take advantage of this, the game also offers, until the end of the month, 20 free energies each day , which prove to be very useful at times.


When it was released, a criticism often came up about the game: ”  you can’t roam freely in Hogwarts  “. The game responds to this today, in part, by offering mini-games allowing you to visit certain places in the castle in 3D. From the common rooms to the Great Hall via the Potions class, the objective is to identify different problematic situations and remedy them with a spell. 

The experience, amusing the first time, quickly becomes repetitive, the places and situations presented always being more or less identical. Let’s hope that this novelty will be further developed in the future and will allow, who knows, to take care of magical creatures in subjective view, to do duels or even to play Quidditch! 

A little visit to the Spells class!


As this month of April 2022 is also marked by the theatrical release of Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets , the game has gotten up to speed by offering several new features related to the film.

The nicest being the search in the castle, in subjective view, for magical creatures escaped from Newt’s suitcase, and the possibility of collecting the famous magizoologist’s chocolate frog card in the game.


After 4 years, it must be admitted that the history of the game begins to turn slightly in circles. My character is currently in 7th year, and the main storyline, centered around the cursed cellars of Hogwarts, has come to an end, leaving the field open to the threat of a secret society, answering to the name of “R”, hovering on the magical world…

An unoriginal dramatic stake, the Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter sagas also using it, and which takes us further and further away from Hogwarts.

My new dorm!

The missions and “courses” are in fact more likely to take place at the Ministry of Magic or even at the Ste Mongouste hospital . If this has the advantage of making us discover places never before visually represented in the adaptations of the saga (a new chapter will make us discover Azkaban), this screenplay path seems to show the developers’ desire to never stop the story. and the game, even though our character has soon finished his studies at Hogwarts.

We also feel this impression in the temporary quests offered which allow us to highlight the relationships between our characters and the NPCs in the game, but no longer add much to the plot. However, they bring their share of fan service, one of the last proposed involving the Mirror of Erised and its powers, while another invited us to organize the party of the century at the Burrow, thus introducing us to the whole Weasley family!

And this is indeed one of the major challenges that Jam City will have to manage: making the link with the Harry Potter saga . We are thus getting closer and closer to the entrance of the Survivor to Hogwarts, and Hogwarts Mystery will have to position itself on a crucial question: what becomes of our character? The latter indeed seems to become an important figure in the magical world as the game progresses, how to explain that he is not present in the rest of the story? By disappearing, by leaving for new countries and magical horizons?

While waiting to learn more about this point, we can only continue to have fun with the references placed here and there by the game, and the surprising inconsistencies that this can sometimes bring. I am thinking in particular of the lunches that one can have one-on-one with Dobby in the Great Hall, or the use of a very strange device to destroy a curse…

This twist warms me moderately, I must admit.

In any case, I can’t wait to see where this story and this game will continue to take us, and wish him a very happy birthday!

And you, what is your relationship to this game? Tell me everything in the comments!

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