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This is a Weasley appreciation post.

Apr 24, 2020Cindyrated itreally appreciated it

I am each pleasantly surprised and mad that I ended up enjoying this audiobook and getting invested in Sirius Black. The tale clearly advanced whilst we found extra about the heritage tale of occasions that came about earlier than Harry’s era. I enjoyed studying more approximately the person characters and being surprised on the plot traits….greater

Jun 09, 2012Zoërated itit turned into high-quality

“Don’t permit the muggles get you down.”

Yup yup yup I love this book….extra

(A) 85% it’s a story of greater complexity, darker tones, and a vastly increased mythology….greater

Jul 05, 2014Wil Wheatonrated itreally preferred it

I’m starting to marvel if there will ever be a Defence Against The Dark Arts trainer who is just a instructor….extra

I final study this e book once I became 14 years vintage, for the reason that I’m almost 32 now, I have a whole new attitude on it. Despite the truth that I gave this e book 5 stars formerly, I must admit that it didn’t develop on me until this, my 2nd examine.

Confession time: I did not like Remus or Sirius.

Khanh ducks as rotten fruit and eggs are thrown her way

OK, OK, I’M SORRY! I’ve due to the fact that changed my mind! Notice that I used the past tense.

Obviously, there might be spoilers for the ebook underneath, for the 1.five of yo…more

(A) 85 Extraordinary

Notes: A flavorful foreboding, it plies improved bandwidth, like ripened fruit, and more acute: a sweet and spicy sandwich.

I have so much more love for this one re-analyzing it as an person.

Feb 21, 2011Katerinarated itit changed into top notch

It’s a wet Sunday. It’s colder than it need to be this time of the year, so I’m ingesting a delicious cup of espresso and I’m surfing my Goodreads cabinets most effective to comprehend that I haven’t written a Harry Potter assessment. Not a single one. So, I determined initially the primary Harry Potter e book I ever examine, the one that took me to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and made me consider that magic is something tangible.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no suitable.”

I became 16 years vintage,…greater

This home jail a.ok.a voluntarily quarantine making cookies and throwing them into trash days( I never say I’m an amazing prepare dinner and each day I’m getting worse!) giving me nostalgic vibes. It’s like residing in no way ending mercury retrograde! You don’t want to start a new element, you need to pass returned for your past or you need to cope with your unfinished groups.

Of course this isn’t a e-book from my TBR or DNF listing. I’ve study it very equal day it’s been released: 16 freaking years in the past after I became nonetheless …greater

“Happiness can be located, even inside the darkest of times, if one only recollects to show at the mild.”

As it appears my Harry Potter critiques don’t always start with a Dumbledore quote but constantly become being “My thoughts about this e book” critiques as nicely. For a series like HP that’s been study by such a lot of human beings this might be the fine solution though. And due to the fact the books get longer and longer and because I don’t proportion my pal Jayson’s awesome and extremely good capacity to describe a book in one significa…extra

I’m flabbergasted, again. This one deviates from what it have been for the first books – through a mile!. Just when I idea the second turned into extra special in comparison to the primary. Prisoner of Azkaban is an awful lot greater complex, having a lengthier plot, greater descriptive characters and environs, however nonetheless now not missing in any way. It makes the first sense like brief tales. I’m going to stop pronouncing this is ‘The Best’ until I’m achieved with the series, for, proper now it appears like it will kee…extra

ENGLISH (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) / ITALIANO

«Harry Potter was a distinctly uncommon boy in lots of ways.For one component, he hated the summer season vacations more than any other time of yr. For every other, he certainly desired to do his homework however became forced to do it in secret, inside the useless of night. And he also took place to be a wizard»

Sirius Black’s get away from Azkaban jail is on each wizard’s lips. Not even the feared guards of the prison, the Dementors, managed to maintain in a cage the depraved wiz…more

I’m simply going to add a few gifs and images from my e book. Harry Potter books will continually be five famous person regardless of how regularly they’re examine. (Hermione for all time!)

I fell in love with S. Black in this e book and I in no way looked lower back.

I’m going to add some pics from my book, even though now, I wish I might have added greater but it is what it’s far. . . maybe later

I love those huge illustrated espresso table variations of the books. It makes re-reading them a very fun revel in. I simply want she might positioned t…extra

Nov 02, 2013chloerated itit changed into first-rate

5th read: July – August 2019- Audiobook

5 stars 4th read: June 2018 – Audiobook

5 stars

Stephen Fry is terrific. 3rd read: 2017

5 stars


Sep 29, 2013Daniellerated itit changed into remarkable

Welcome back to my re-study of the extremely good collection “Harry Potter”. 🤓⚡️My adventure this time round is a hybrid of analyzing the books, being attentive to a amusing (grownup) podcast and looking the films. ❤️📚🎧🎬

⚠️Spoiler Warning: stop reading now, if you’re unexpected with the world of Hogwarts.⚠️

Personal Opinion Note: I’m terribly sad for you, if you’ve never read the books (or as a minimum watched the films). 😉📚🎧🎬

These books are most effective gonna get longer- so, rather than re-capping, I’m just going to observe my favorit…greater

Next up in our Harry Potter re-study! So excited to subsequently tackle the illustrated model of this one.

I wager you could tell from my rating that this wasn’t my all-time favourite HP installment, however I nevertheless thoroughly loved it. I keep in mind thinking that the film turned into about a three/five famous person rating for me once I first noticed it, however now that I’ve experienced the radical version, I can see how the ending inside the ebook is a lot greater distinctive and outstanding than how they selected to portray the e…extra

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #three), J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is a fable novel written through British author J. K. Rowling and the 0.33 in the Harry Potter collection. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban turned into launched inside the UK on eight July 1999 and inside the US on eight September 1999.

The e book follows Harry Potter, a younger wizard, in his 1/3 12 months at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Along with pals Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, Har…more

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no top”

One of the long-lasting prices of the series.

For some purpose, I in no way in reality preferred Prisoner of Azkaban once I became younger, I idea it as a sidejob, after Chamber of Secrets & that large Revelation, I waited for extra (& there was a touch amount of waiting before the ebook been translated, so maybe that is probably a cause too, a form of mild disappointment & no ebook after that.), so I concept it turned into boring, now not as vital as the last e-book…greater

Feb 21, 2016Brinarated itit became first-rate

Time. The matters we may want to accomplish if we had greater time on our hands. Just this week I noted to human beings that I had been going for walks on fumes with all the matters I needed to get completed. If most effective I had some more hours in my week to take a snooze or relaxation with a e-book. Thankfully, we’ve got a leap 12 months, offering our busy lives with a full more day to get the ones matters accomplished which could have been pushed to the back burner. Whether it’s catching up on sleep, reading, or chores, a soar year creates the influence…extra

Since pretty a good deal everyone I recognise has examine those books, I discern reviewing them is pretty needless. But with the new e book coming out in multiple weeks, I have to undergo them starting to stop. To make the opinions extra entertaining, I can be doing them in loads of sudden formats. For this evaluation, I will be writing as Crookshanks fan fiction.

Crookshanks swished his tail from side to side as he crept up the steps to the lads’ bedrooms. He knew the rat wasn’t what it became pretending to …extra


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