Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban — Book Review

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Late inside the e-book, Chamber of Secrets, Harry and his buddies found out of a unique jail for witches that have been so evil they needed to be eliminated from the world.  The name of this jail changed into Azkaban, and it became rumored to be a very awful area.  This whole third 12 months of Harry’s college goes to be consumed in fighting the most hideous conceivable evil — a prisoner that has escaped and who’s rumored to be out to kill Harry — and his guards who have come to Hogwarts to strive a recapture.  Harry unearths this whole sequence of events nearly extra than he can deal with, even if he’s a Wizard from a generational own family who had been very effective; in any case, he’s simplest thirteen years of age.

F or twelve long years, the dread citadel of Azkaban held an infamous prisoner named Sirius Black. Convicted of killing thirteen people with a unmarried curse, he is said to be the heir obvious to the Dark Lord, Voldemort. Now he has escaped, leaving simplest two clues as to wherein he might be headed: And the Azkaban guards heard Black muttering in his sleep, “He’s at Hogwarts… he is at Hogwarts.” Harry Potter isn’t secure, not even in the walls of his magical school, surrounded with the aid of his pals. Harry Potter’s defeat of evil Lord Voldemort changed into Black’s downfall as well.

On top of it all, are faint tips of a traitor in their midst. But, in a wonder ending, Harry discovers that his enemy isn’t Sirius Black, in spite of everything!  In reality, Sirius Black become framed for the curse homicide of the thirteen humans and become held most of these 12 years in AZKABAN Prison when he turned into innocent.  Harry discovers Sirius is his Godfather and absolutely cares for him.

Once again, we see that the everyday international, populated by using folks that do now not practice magic [known as Muggles] is depicted in very gloomy ways, at the same time as the Fantasy World of Witches and Wizards is painted in very bright, exciting adventures.  Why, the difference is sufficient to make a character reading the e book to want to be a Witch or Wizard.  As an instance, we see that “Aunt Petunia, who turned into horse-confronted … changed into the nosiest girl inside the global and spent maximum of her life spying on the uninteresting, regulation-abiding acquaintances.” [p. 17]

Harry Potter and his pals continuously look with disdain upon each person who feels an responsibility to obey the guidelines and the laws of the school and of society.  Here, we can see how Rowling plants the idea in the head of her readers that folks that obey the laws are “dull”, as a consequence giving the implication that it’s far interesting to disobey the regulation!  Christian determine, is this the sort of message you want to give your kids?

SPECIFIC NOTE OF UNDERSTANDING:  Rowling continually depicts each types of truth in which the Satanist operates:  the Real World and Fantasy World.  However, occultists define fable in a way a long way distinct than you or I do.  You have to understand this difference if you are to fully comprehend what’s taking place in this e book, and all Potter books.  We have defined this difference in realities to you, beneath:

Definition of Reality and Fantasy within the World of a Satanist [Read NEWS1390]

1.Both worlds are actual, current side by side in parallel. Fantasy is the world to which a Satanist seeks constant get right of entry to, a world packed with exciting adventures with magic watching for them at every step. A Satanist will take into account his myth world to be extra exciting, greater pleasurable, and extra ‘real’, than his actual global. This is why Harry says to Dobby after Dobby tells him no longer to return to highschool: “But I’ve were given to go back … It’s all this is retaining me going. You don’t know what it is like right here. I do not belong right here. I belong in your global — at Hogwarts.” [p. 16; Emphasis brought]

2.  Definition of ‘Supernatural’ — “Of or relating present out of doors the herbal global; mainly now not attributable to natural forces.” [Tormonts Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary] Therefore, all activities within the occult Fantasy World are ‘supernatural’.  Thus, Chuck Colson’s firm guarantee to Christian parents that Harry Potter books are all proper due to the fact “no touch is made with the supernatural” global is shown to be patently and boldly fake!

Another portal of entry from the Muggle Reality to the Fantasy Reality changed into discovered.  To get into Diagon Alley from the Real World, a witch had to enter the Leaky Cauldron, which Muggles could not even see.  Once within the Leaky Cauldron bar, a witch or wizard could enter Diagon Alley, wherein they might buy all their paraphernalia needed to perform their Craft. [p. forty one]

To get from the Muggle Reality to the occult Fantasy Reality to board the Hogwart’s Express Train, you needed to visit platform nine and 3-quarters, which turned into quite invisible to Muggles.  “Mr. Weasley strolled in the direction of the barrier between systems 9 and ten, pushing Harry’s trolley … With a significant look at Harry, he leaned casually in opposition to the barrier.  Harry imitated him.  In a second, they’d fallen sideways through the stable metal onto platform nine and 3-quarters and appeared up to see the Hogwarts Express, a scarlet steam engine, puffing smoke over a platform full of witches and wizards seeing their children onto the train.” [p. 71] 

Specific Areas of Note and Interest

I.  Contact With The Supernatural World While In Muggle Reality   

     A.  Arthur Weasley, Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office on the Ministry of Magic , lives within the Muggle fact.  However, he wins an award to take his circle of relatives to a vacation in Egypt inside the Fantasy World of the Occult.  His eldest son, Bill, works in the Fantasy World for the Gringotts Wizarding Bank, as a “curse breaker”.  While in Egypt, Bill changed into greatly surprised to see the extremely strong curses the “vintage Egyptian wizards” placed on all of the historical tombs that allows you to defend them. [p. eight-nine]

      B.  The Knight Bus — When Harry Potter left the Dudley’s home after throwing a curse at his Aunt Marge, he without a doubt grabbed a few matters in a trunk at the side of Hedgwig, his Owl.  He stumbled down the road and collapsed on the street outdoor his Uncle’s home.  Suddenly, a “triple-decker, violently pink bus … regarded out of thin air”, breaking into the Muggle Reality from Fantasy Reality. The Knight Bus usually roams the vicinity over Muggle land, looking for Witches or Wizards who’re in problem and want supernatural transportation to take them out of harm’s manner. For a few purpose, no Muggle ever hears or sees the bus, even when it’s miles in Muggle Reality. [p. 33-36]

II.  Contact With Supernatural Spirits While At Hogwart’s School of Wizardry and Witchcraft

     A.  “The banquet finished with an entertainment furnished through the Hogwarts ghosts.  They popped out of the walls and tables to do a piece of formation gliding.  Nearly Headless Nick , the Gryffindor ghost, had a exquisite achievement with a reenactment of his own botched beheading.” [p. 159]

     B. “The candles went out suddenly [inside the dormitory].  The handiest mild now came from the silvery ghosts who have been drifting about talking seriously to the prefects, and the enchanted ceiling …” [p. 164]  Note that those “silvery ghosts” speak to the pupil leaders, the prefects.  Once again, you could see how ridiculous is Chuck Colson’s “warranty” to Christian dad and mom that “no touch is ever made with the supernatural”?

III.  Colors Used– Rowling makes use of very shiny colorations all through her book, and maximum of the time, the coloration used is consistent with shades witches use.  Rowling’s use of such shiny colours also enables her to paint the Fantasy Reality of Witchcraft as THE maximum interesting region to stay.  Wizard of Oz uses the identical method: while Dorothy is in her actual global in Kansas, the color is black and white, however while she steps into her Fantasy Reality, the scene explodes in the maximum exceptional shade.

     A. Green — this coloration is Satan’s coloration, and we see it used for the duration of the e-book

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