Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (2001) Forged & Team


Harry Potter has lived below the steps at his aunt and uncle’s residence his complete life. But on his 11th birthday, he learns he is a powerful wizard—with a place expecting him at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As he learns to harness his newfound powers with the help of the faculty’s kindly headmaster, Harry uncovers the truth approximately his mother and father’ deaths—and about the villain who is responsible.CreditsHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone CastNameCharacterEmma WatsonShewas 11, now 31 years oldas Hermione GrangerRobbie ColtraneHewas 51, now 72 years oldas Rubeus HagridAdrian RawlinsHewas 43, now 64 years oldas James PotterJohn HurtHewas sixty one, seventy seven years old whenhediedas Garrick OllivanderRichard HarrisHewas 71, 72 years old whenhediedas Albus DumbledoreRupert GrintHewas 13, now 33 years oldas Ron WeasleyJulie WaltersShewas fifty one, now 72 years oldas Molly WeasleyAlan RickmanHewas 55, sixty nine years vintage whenhediedas Severus SnapeDaniel RadcliffeHewas 12, now 32 years oldas Harry PotterMatthew LewisHewas 12, now 32 years oldas Neville LongbottomJohn CleeseHewas sixty two, now 82 years oldas Nearly Headless NickIan HartHewas 37, now 57 years oldas Professor Quirrell/VoldemortRichard BremmerHewas forty eight, now 69 years oldas He Who Must Not Be NamedRichard GriffithsHewas fifty four, 65 years antique whenhediedas Vernon DursleyZoë WanamakerShewas 52, now 72 years oldas Rolanda HoochWarwick DavisHewas 31, now fifty two years oldas Goblin Bank Teller / Filius FlitwickBonnie WrightShewas 10, now 31 years oldas Ginny WeasleyTom FeltonHewas 14, now 34 years oldas Draco MalfoyMaggie SmithShewas 66, now 87 years oldas Minerva McGonagallJulianne HoughShewas thirteen, now 33 years oldas Hogwarts Schoolgirl (uncredited)Fiona ShawShewas 43, now 63 years oldas Petunia DursleyLeslie PhillipsHewas 77, now ninety seven years oldas The Sorting HatRay FearonHewas 28, now 48 years oldas Firenze (voice)Sean BiggerstaffHewas 18, now 39 years oldas Oliver WoodGeraldine SomervilleShewas 34, now fifty four years oldas Lily PotterNina YoungShewas 35, now 56 years oldas The Grey LadyDavid BradleyHewas 59, fifty five years vintage whenhediedas Argus FilchChris RankinHewas 18, now 38 years oldas Percy WeasleyVerne TroyerHewas 32, forty nine years antique whenhediedas GriphookDerek DeadmanHewas 61, now eighty two years oldas TomAlfred EnochHewas 12, now 33 years oldas Dean ThomasEmily DaleShewas 17, now 38 years oldas Katie BellJamie WaylettHewas 12, now 32 years oldas Vincent CrabbeJosh HerdmanHewas 14, now 34 years oldas Gregory GoyleTerence BaylerHewas 71, 86 years vintage whenhediedas The Bloody BaronLuke YoungbloodHewas 12, now 33 years oldas Lee JordanDevon MurrayHewas thirteen, now 33 years oldas Seamus FinniganJames PhelpsHewas 15, now 36 years oldas Fred WeasleyOliver PhelpsHewas 252, 59 years antique whenhediedas George WeasleyHarry MellingHewas 12, now 33 years oldas Dudley DursleySaunders Tripletsas Baby Harry PotterLeila HoffmanShewas 67, now 87 years oldas Augusta Longbottom (uncredited)Eleanor ColumbusShewas 12, now 32 years oldas Susan BonesBen Borowieckias Diagon Alley BoyWill TheakstonHewas 17, now 37 years oldas Marcus FlintZoe SuggShewas eleven, now 32 years oldas Girl in Potion Class (uncredited)Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Crew


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