Han Ji Min’s Twins Painted Herself In ‘Our Blues’, Nothing Failed


Actress Jung Eun Hye, Who Has Attracted Attention Because She Suffers From Down Syndrome And Plays Han Ji Min’s Twin In Real Life, Is So Good At Painting That Her Work Is Displayed In The Episode ‘Our Blues’.

The screening of the drama ” Our Blues ” with the presence of down syndrome actress Jung Eun Hye has given a new color throughout her touching story. With her interactions with Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin as well as other actors, Jung Eun Hye once again touched viewers with her role.

This tvN drama, written by Noh Hee Kyung and directed by Kim Kyu Tae, Kim Yang Hee and Lee Jin Mook, attracted attention with the story “Young Ok, Jung Joon and Young Hee” in episodes 14 and 15. By depicting Lee Young-hee’s pain, ok (Han Ji Min) who has a twin Lee Young Hee has Down syndrome, love Park Jung Joon (Kim Woo Bin) who tries to protect his lover and the story of Lee Young Hee (Jung Eun Hye) who shows his growth through extraordinary paintings that exceed expectations. everyone left a great impression on all viewers.

With the background of Jung Eun Hye who has talent as a painter and caricature artist in real life, it has made viewers more curious about her figure. Screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung, who spent a year communicating with Jung Eun Hye, expressed her sincerity through the process of transforming the actress into the character Lee Young Hee.

“He wasn’t used to the shooting atmosphere at first, but he did really well after a few shots. I think he didn’t just act but he tried his own experience and story in his performance. The process really touched us,” said director Kim Kyu Tae.

“Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin also impressed me. They are very in tune with actress Jung Eun Hye. They are like angels protecting Jung Eun-hye. They have done such a great job,” continued the director.

Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin spent time with Jung Eun Hye before filming started. It was to ensure that Jung Eun Hye could act comfortably on set with so many people.

“I miss Han Ji Min and Kim Woo Bin,” said Jung Eun Hye who talked about her co-star. Jung Eun Hye said that she got an offer from writer Noh Hee Kyung directly.

“Writer Noh Hee Kyung offered me an appearance in the drama, and I was very surprised and happy. It’s been comfortable being around Young Ok and Jung Joon since the first time we met. The set was so exciting and fun, and I miss that time,” he said. .

All the pictures at the end of episode 15 of “Our Blues’ turned out to be the work of Jung Eun Hye herself. She is a true caricature artist.

“I received drawings of actors, so I continued to draw on days without filming or after filming was over. Then, I also drew staff who became close to me. It wasn’t difficult and it was very fun,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Jung Eun Hye herself is an artist who signed a contract with Jamsil Creative Studio of the Seoul Cultural Foundation. Jung Eun Hye started painting faces and portraits while at Munho River Market in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province in 2016.


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