Han Ga In Tells Her Husband’s Habits At Home, Relates To Wives?


As A Wife, Han Ga In Revealed A Series Of Habits Of Her Husband Yeon Jung Hoon Which According To Listeners Of The Show Have Similarities In Everyday Life. What’s That?

Han Ga In ‘s household harmony is a role model for the general public. But it’s a different story because recently he reiterated his hatred that had accumulated when his husband, Yeon Jung Hoon was at home.

On the April 4 episode of SBS POWER FM radio show “Park So Hyun’s Love Game,” Han Ga In replaced Park So Hyun who tested positive for COVID-19 as the host. The topic of today’s conversation is, the moment when I hate to see my husband at home.

Han Ga In is not alone, he is with comedian Lee Eun Ji and CLICK B boy group member Kim Sang Hyuk as guests. This one actress started the conversation that she hates when her husband is sleeping.

“Ah, that must be when he sleeps. I honestly hate it when my husband sleeps. I said it’s already sunrise. Why is he still sleeping? I feel like he’s sleeping more than he needs to. Even newborns will sleep less than him! So , I always say something about this to him,” said Han Ga In telling her husband who had a long sleep.

Then, a listener sent a message telling her husband about food. “I hate it when my husband is also looking for something to eat,” said the listener. Han Ga In laughed and commented, “Yeah, I totally agree with you there!”

“But Yeon Jung Hoon seems like someone who secretly reads a book at home,” said Lee Eun Ji trying to defend Yeon Jung Hoon. However, Han Ga In actually denied it and said that her husband never did that.

“No, no. He never reads. He doesn’t really like reading books. He also doesn’t like sports. So, he tends to play with children. He likes to play with their toys. We often take care of our children together,” explained Han Ga In.

“Yeon Jung Hoon seems to be very hated today. I feel closer to him,” said Lee Eun Jin laughing at that. Han Ga In agrees that recently Yeon Jung Hon has been made fun of a lot.

“Did you know? He stole my red ginseng recently. He said stolen red ginseng tastes a lot better,” Han Ga In said then sighed. Playfully, Lee Eun Ji and Kim Sang Hyuk burst out laughing and said, “Yeon Jung Hoon’s ears must be burning right now!”

Meanwhile, Han Ga In has started her activities in the entertainment industry after a long hiatus after becoming Yeon Jung Hoon’s wife. However, their appearance often shows a funny relationship with their husband, this celebrity couple remains a role model.


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