GOT7 Discusses Disbandment Rumors, Seven Intentions Forever, And Military Service


Leader Jay B Has Been Very Active In Ensuring GOT7 Continues And Has Educated Himself On Legal Issues And Successfully Obtained Copyrights And Trademarks Associated With The Group.

GOT7 is ready to make a comeback for the first time since leaving JYP Entertainment. They discussed the disbandment rumors and more in a new interview with W Korea. The group was featured in the magazine’s June issue.

Leader Jay B ( JB ) has been very active in ensuring that GOT7 can not only continue but be successful after leaving JYP Entertainment. He has educated himself on legal matters and managed to obtain copyrights and trademarks associated with the group. So, he explained why it was so important for him to keep GOT7 together.

“I gained a lot through GOT7. I feel like if we parted ways and continued our individual activities, we’d be wasting the 7 years we’ve spent with this name… I kept thinking to myself, ‘I can’t let go of this rope. I shouldn’t have let it go.'”

Jay B also touched on working on a solo project and why he felt it was important to keep coming back as GOT7. “If your individual activities are going well, you might think, ‘Can I be successful on my own?’ But you’re not successful just because of you. We were able to continue individually because of what we built together over the years. I can never forget where I started. That’s important,” said Jay B.

GOT7’s Jinyoung talked about how he felt GOT7 could stand and stand the test of time. He cites the senior group 2PM as an inspiration.

“Every team has a different driving force that keeps it going for a long time. I think for GOT7, it’s [our mentality] ‘the next thing (they) want to do.’ I’ve felt it while watching 2PM sunbaenim since I was young. ‘How can they be so close to each other and be together for a long time? They’re so ‘solid.’ I think it’s probably because the Hyungs ‘care,'” Jinyoung said.

Mark Tuan and BamBam specifically addressed those who spoke about the rumors of GOT7’s disbandment. BamBam didn’t hold back. He rebuked the haters, rejected disbandment, and showed that he has always proudly declared himself a member of GOT7, even while promoting his solo album recently.

“I have nothing to hide. That’s why to people who say, ‘GOT7 said they’re not disbanding, realistically can they get together again as seven?’ I wanted to tell them, ‘Don’t just judge us as you please and pretend to be smart. Do you know that? When we go anywhere, when we greet people, we always say GOT7 before saying our names. I’m GOT7 BamBam, like this,’ “BamBam said.

He added that although the foreign members, he, Mark Tuan, and Jackson Wang, were able to leave Korea for some time to promote individually, they returned without any problems for GOT7. Likewise, Mark said that even though the members kept clarifying that they were still together, people didn’t understand. So, he hopes to prove it with this comeback.

Mark also discussed military service for Korean members. Ahgases speculated that this might be the last full group comeback for a while because of this. However, Mark assured that GOT7 will continue to exist “forever.”

“There are members who have to serve in the military, and we don’t know what our future activities will be like, but we will be GOT7 forever,” said Mark.


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