Goosebumps, Kevin The Boyz ‘Foretell’ 2NE1 Reunion At Coachella Last Year!


Fans Found That Kevin The Boyz Had Been Predicting The Reunion Of CL, Dara, Park Bom, And Minzy As 2NE1 On The Coachella Stage Since Last Year.

2NE1 ‘s reunion on the Coachella stage is still making fans excited to this day. Moreover, this is known to be the first time for CL , Sandara Park , Park Bom , and Minzy to be on the same stage as 2NE1 after 7 years.

Interestingly, this 2NE1 reunion was predicted by one of their juniors in K-Pop, Kevin The Boyz . It’s no secret that Kevin admits that he is one of 2NE1 ‘s fanboys .

Last August, Kevin greeted fans through V Live. On that occasion, Kevin revealed the reunion theory from 2NE1 that he got after watching the music video for CL’s solo song “Spicy”, Minzy’s “Teamo”, and Park Bom’s “Do Re Mi Fa Sol”.

Kevin revealed that the three videos are related to each other. The three are like representing 3 of the 4 symbols on playing cards, namely hearts (hearts), diamonds (diamonds), and clubs or clovers (curly). So, only the spades left that should be released by Dara.

These four playing card symbols are also known to be associated with 2NE1. Fandom 2NE1 is known to be Blackjack which is also known as a type of playing card game.

“I have a theory. This ‘Spicy’ has a heart in the video. It seems to show a cute heart . Then, I looked back at Minzy sunbaenim (senior) comeback , ‘Teamo’. And there are so many diamonds , if you look at it he showed a lot of diamonds ,” explained Kevin.

And then, I saw Park Bom sunbaenim ‘s last song which shows a lot of plants like clover . Am I the only one who thinks too much about it? If Sandara sunbaenim comes up with something and there comes a spade . Am I the only one thinking about this? It’s like they’re going to show something together. Gosh, that’s going to be crazy,” Kevin exclaimed enthusiastically.

Kevin’s statement immediately went viral shortly after 2NE1’s appearance at Coachella. Fans later discovered that Dara was really like showing ” spade ” through the iconic hairstyle at the 2NE1 reunion. Thus, Kevin’s theory was a huge hit!


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