Get to know Wild Hunt in The Witcher Season 2!


The Witcher is one of Netflix’s flagship fantasy series that premiered in 2019. And now, The Witcher Season 2 has just arrived on Netflix by adapting even more mythology taken directly from the novel series of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski and also utilizing some of the material from the game, such as monsters and characters, to reach out to fans of the game. which is quite large. This in the end succeeded in making The Witcher series as successful as it is now.

The Witcher Season 2 series focuses more on the adventures of Geralt who is trying to protect the only successor of the Cintra Kingdom named Cirilla. However, as The Witcher series progressed , it was revealed that Ciri’s destiny was much bigger than just the successor to an empire. He was an Elder Blood, a descendant of a special elf possessing unparalleled magical power, previously thought to be extinct. This fact then eventually provoked a very terrible and dangerous “Wild Hunt”. Who is the real Wild Hunt? Check out the discussion below, geeks!

The Presence of Wild Hunt Marks the Beginning of the Apocalypse
Although Wild Hunt was first shown in The Witcher Season 2 and not much has been revealed yet, its history in the novel and video game The Witcher depicts “them” as terrifying figures who are considered to be heralds of the end of the world, not as a sent from “God. ” but rather as a threat from the monster world. In the novel, the story of Wild Hunt begins with Tir ná Lia, a city in another world occupied by Elder Elf who call themselves Aen Elle.

In their original world, Aen Elle built their civilization in a brutal way, they massacred humans and often kidnapped humans from other worlds to become slaves. Feeling like they are rulers of the Multiverse, with a power they call the “Gate of the Worlds”, the Aen Elle often travel across dimensions to achieve their goals. However, when the Multiverse apocalypse called the Conjunction of the Spheres threatens their world, the Aen Elle embark on a cross-dimensional journey in search of a new world they can live in.

Continent, the world where Geralt resides, becomes the target of the Elle Aen led by Eredin. On the Continent they manifest as monstrous spirits known as the Wild Hunt. When the Wild Hunt rode across the Spheres (world), they were often seen wearing battle armor such as skulls and carrying an army of monsters. With their scary appearance, as well as their characters who often bring fear, that’s why the Wild Hunt is often considered the “herald” of the apocalypse.

Traits Wanted by Wild Hunt
In the novel and video game The Witcher , it is also told that Wild Hunt’s purpose in searching for Ciri is because she is a descendant of Elder Blood who can prevent the Conjunction of the Spheres. In addition, Eredin also believes that marrying Ciri can make Wild Hunt even more powerful in the Gate of the Worlds, so that power over the Multiverse will be much easier for them. When Wild Hunt goes on a hunt, it’s also revealed that they’re not the only ones looking for Ciri, it turns out that there’s another elf from Aen Elle who wants Ciri’s powers, she’s Avallac’h.

If Eredin wanted Ciri’s power to rule over the Gate of the Worlds and prevent the Conjunction of the Spheres in her world, Avallac’h instead wanted to use Ciri to prevent the Conjunction of the Spheres on the Continent. The reason why this multiverse apocalypse is feared by Eredin and Avallac’h is because it can make the world enveloped in eternal ice called “White Frost”. If The Witcher series on Netflix takes the same direction as the novels and games, it’s likely that Geralt will have to protect Ciri from both Wild Hunt and Avallac’h at the same time.

The Future of Ciri and Wild Hunt in The Witcher Season 3
With the appearance of Wild Hunt at the end of Season 2, it is very likely that Ciri, Geralt, Yennefer will face Wild Hunt more often in The Witcher Season 3 . The script for Season 3 itself has reportedly been completed. Recently, in an interview with TechRadar, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich revealed that in Season 3 they will adapt the novel The Witcher: Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Considering in the novel that Wild Hunt’s role is not too big, there is a possibility that Season 3 will later make Wild Hunt a side antagonist who is told to hunt Ciri. This makes Ciri have to keep running away from the Wild Hunt with her new teleportation power taught by Yennefer, just like in the game. Until finally Ciri reunited with Geralt and the other Witchers, including Vesemir, at Kaer Morhen and had a big fight there.

At the end of Season 2, Vesemir says, “we have to collect more supplies.” It is likely that this refers to the great battle at Kaer Morhen later. On the other hand, it wasn’t just the Wild Hunt that Geralt had to worry about, because now many people knew of Ciri’s power and wanted to use it for personal gain, including the Niflgaardian Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, and the magicians of Aretuza. Not to mention if Avallac’h actually appears in the series, this will make Ciri have to be careful in choosing her friends in Season 3.

That’s the discussion of Wild Hunt in The Witcher series. To introduce Wild Hunt and its leader Eredin further, Netflix itself has a prequel series The Witcher entitled The Witcher: Blood Oath. In the series, the character Eredin will appear, played by actor Jacob Collins-Levy. We look forward to the next Wild Hunt story when we hunt Ciri. It would be interesting to see how Geralt and Yennefer, now like Ciri’s parents, would protect her from evil hands.


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