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From Danna Paola to Roberto Carlo: these were all the celebrities present at the 2022 Pride march

From Danna Paola to Roberto Carlo: these were all the celebrities present at the 2022 Pride march

The 44th edition of the LGBT+ pride march returned to the streets of Mexico City in a one hundred percent face-to-face manner, after the last two were held virtually – although it really was hybrid since some protesters did attend. without the consent of the committee – due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept large crowds away from everyday life in the world.

Despite the rain and any forecast, more than 250 thousand people gathered to protest for their rights and celebrate those already recognized. Among them, several celebrities who belong to the community or are allies did not hesitate to make their support public by attending and parading to the rhythm of the music, the protests and the waves of shouts from more than one who celebrated the great return.

After doing an insta live where she confirmed that she would be part of the TikTok Latin America bandwagon, wishing she hadn’t spoiled what the platform had organized for the mobilization, the actress kept her promise:

“See you this Saturday! Oh, I’m going to say it. Well, I’m going to be at Pride on Saturday, surprise! With obviously my TikTok family. What a thrill! See you there on Saturday, I’m dying of emotion, I don’t want to tell you anymore, shit *. Chace and… yes, see you on Saturday. It’s not long now, I already said it, TikTok already put it on, ”she said.

The Elite actress became the favorite of the 2022 march, because in recent years her support has not stopped, to the extent that several of her most successful singles have some kind of LGBT+ content, such as Sodio in which she talks about a homosexual relationship or TQ Y Ya where lesbian representation is made visible within the movement.

Again Papi Ro conquered more than one with his impressive looks that since the night of Friday the 24th at a La Más Draga party -where Karla Díaz, Lorena Herrera and Vanessa Claudio also attended- have made it a viral theme on social networks . The presenter of the Vivalavi morning received great recognition from the public that did not stop applauding him in each presentation.

“It makes me very happy and I am so excited to be in this march in person, on the main stage, to be able to shout together with my entire community how proud I am to be who I am, to share this day full of color because it has also been a year of a lot of growth”, he mentioned a few days ago in Infobae Mexico.

The popular RBD wore a spectacular crop top that allowed him to show off his toned abdomen at all times. In the allegorical car in which he was traveling was also his great friend Manunna, who did not hesitate to take funny videos of his encounter with him. singer.

The controversial actor and the member of Garibaldi posed for the cameras in a very smiling way, however the harsh criticism and memes did not wait for the winner of Soy Famoso Get me out of here! the past with his son, who has mentioned being a homosexual man, has not left him well positioned within the community, while with the actor of La Fea Más Bella his characters full of stereotypes have not favored him either.

The pop and reggaeton singer was also present in the TikTok truck and did not hesitate to take photos with his fans and even sign flags or clothing that were continuously thrown at him. The Baby Girl interpreter thanked him for his support on social networks.

Despite the fact that several expected him to arrive accompanied by his brother or the other members of Grupo Firme, the singer attended with very colorful clothes and did not hesitate to make the stage of one of the committees his own since he was crowned as the Gay King 2022.

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