Fix Couples, ‘Tomorrow’ Kim Hee Sun-Lee Soo Hyuk’s Dating Moment Spoiler In The Joseon Era


Kim Hee Sun And Lee Soo Hyuk Were Revealed To Be Truly Husband And Wife Before Finally Deciding To Become Grim Reapers In ‘Tomorrow’, Peek At Sweet Moments In The Joseon Era.

MBC drama “Tomorrow” is getting more exciting in the last few episodes. This fantasy drama adaptation of the webtoon stars Kim Hee Sun , SF9 ‘s Rowoon , Lee Soo Hyuk , and Yun Ji On .

“Tomorrow” is known to tell the story of a grim reaper on a crisis management team. This team is tasked with thwarting someone’s suicide attempt in order to avoid good people from going to hell.


The background of the grim reaper is what makes fans curious. The story of Koo Ryeon, played by Kim Hee Sun and Park Joong Gil, played by Lee Soo Hyuk, is the most curious. Koo Ryeon and Park Joong Gil were believed by fans to be a married couple before becoming grim reapers considering the many scenes the two of them had together.

The theory from fans also turns out to be true, now MBC is openly showing the moment of togetherness of Koo Ryeon and Park Joong Gil when they became husband and wife in the Joseon era. In the new portrait footage, Park Joong Gil is seen hugging Koo Ryeon with a worried expression.

Koo Ryeon seems to be one of the victims of kidnapping by the allied forces. Park Joong Gil is said to be a warlord, so he cannot be by his wife’s side.

Not only showing footage of touching moments, MBC also revealed footage of the scene when Park Joong Gil and Koo Ryeon were on a date on “Tomorrow”. Park Joong Gil and Koo Ryeon were seen in the market looking at accessories.

Koo Ryeon seemed to tease Park Joong Gil and sulk. This then made Park Joong Gil then immediately willing to buy everything his wife wanted.

” RyeonxJoong Gil’s eyes are dripping with honey. A preview of the past life, ” said MBC in a new leaked episode.

Meanwhile, “Tomorrow” will air its new episode every Friday and Saturday. The drama can also be enjoyed globally via Netflix.


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