Fans’ Behavior Is Worrying, Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Change Their Honeymoon Plans?


As Soon As They Arrived At The Airport, Many Local Fans Flocked To Congratulate And Ask For Autographs For The Newlywed Couple On March 31.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin ‘s privacy was violated by overzealous fans. So whether this couple will change their honeymoon plans?

Hyun Bin just arrived at Tom Bradley International Airport in Los Angeles on April 12 for their honeymoon. They went on their honeymoon without a security guard or manager to accompany them. The two of them walked out of the airport carrying large suitcases and large golf bags.

According to videos and photos released via social media, as soon as they arrived at the airport, many local fans flocked to congratulate and ask for autographs for the newlywed couple on March 31st.

They received flowers and showed some fan service, but looked tired from the constant arrival of fans. Son Ye Jin did not say anything, lowered her head and looked at her phone while covering her face with a mask and hat.

Some fans even took photos of them without permission and broadcast their arrival live on YouTube channels. When a fan who was not wearing a mask approached Son Ye Jin, Hyun Bin looked very worried.

Fans expressed regret over this situation, where the top star’s privacy was maintained to some extent in Korea, but not overseas. It goes without saying that the public has always been interested in this couple’s wedding and honeymoon.

However, as this was their honeymoon trip rather than a filming schedule, some fans were criticized for being rude. Now, fans are required to reduce unnecessary attention and respect for their partner in order to truly enjoy their time.

Even though local fans had crossed the line, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin continued to run their schedule without any changes to plans. An insider from their agency said, “This is their personal schedule.”

“They left without a previous manager, but there was no problem. The company was not notified of the recruitment of bodyguards or changes to their schedule. We do not know their schedule in detail,” he continued.


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