Fans And Netizens Call For Kim Garam To Be Expelled From LE SSERAFIM


Despite The Mounting Accusations And Deafening Public Outcry, HYBE Currently Has No Plans To Remove Kim Garam From LE SSERAFIM.

Just a few weeks after LE SSERAFIM ‘s debut , Kim Garam is now on hiatus due to being at the center of a bullying controversy, having been accused of school violence by his former classmate. Now, netizens are calling for him to be removed from the group.

Despite the mounting accusations and deafening public outcry, HYBE currently has no plans to remove Kim Garam from LE SSERAFIM. The agency reportedly met with Daeryun Law, the representative law firm for alleged victim Yoo Eunseo, to discuss a personal settlement.

While they keep repeating their stance on not accepting and implementing fans’ criticism, the mistrust of HYBE is getting worse. Recently, because the fandom is sensitive to school violence, sexual violence, and sexism, they have to be careful but it will be difficult for HYBE to come up with a better plan than their current course of action,” said a source in the entertainment industry. HYBE’s stance is now receiving rejection from netizens around the world, who are expressing their anger on various social media platforms.

“How much will they receive? Will it erase the past? Haha labels that think money will solve their problems make me sick,” commented netizen. “How much are you offering? Huh, dammit, will you guys offer a hundred million?” another netizen said.

“If I am a victim, I will never be satisfied. You want to destroy my life, then become an idol and receive love? No way, I will never be willing,” said netizens. “Hope the victims ask for 5.00 trillion KRW,” added another.

For days, the hashtag #saltOUT and related phrases have been trending on Twitter. Many netizens and fans of LE SSERAFIM called for Kim Garam to be immediately removed from the group. Some spoke on behalf of the alleged victims, while others expressed concern over the other 5 LE SSERAFIM members who were affected by the scandal.

” Garam’s defenders say that we ‘too much’ hate him because we act as if Garam has ‘killed the victim’. What happens if the victim manages to commit suicide?? Who will voice their story?? Who will fight for their justice? # saltOUT,” wrote one Twitter user.

“I can’t believe HYBE is doing this with their biggest artist to protect a shameless girl who doesn’t even deserve to be called an artist! I can understand how the other LF members must be very disappointed after Garam ruined their debut. #garamOUT,” added another.


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