Excited, Kim Woo Bin And Han Ji Min ‘Dating’ Photobox In The New Promotion Of ‘Our Blues’


TvN Shared A Sweet Portrait Of Kim Woo Bin And Han Ji Min Who Seemed To Be Doing A Photobox Together In The Promotion Of Their Drama ‘Our Blues’, Really Excited!

The tvN drama ” Our Blues ” which is studded with famous stars is indeed a hot topic of conversation. This drama is known to star Lee Byung Hun , Shin Min A , Kim Woo Bin , Han Ji Min , Cha Seung Won , and Lee Jung Eun .

This week, “Our Blues” is known to tell the story of Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min. Some time ago, tvN has also released a sweet poster of the two.

Kim Woo Bin is known to play Park Jeong Jun, a fishing boat captain. He is a kind person and is looking for a woman who will not leave Jeju Island.

Park Jeong Jun falls in love with Lee Yeong Ok (Han Ji Min) who recently moved to Jeju Island. She has been a haenyeo (female diver) for the past year.

Now, tvN is showing photos of Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min like having a date in the photobox . The two were seen doing various adorable poses to promote “Our Blues”.

” Please don’t let anyone who hasn’t seen the four pieces of a fairy couple life. The story of Yeong Ok and Jeong Jun finally begins! Check it out this week on , ” wrote tvN in the portrait shared today, Friday (15/4).

This adorable moment from Kim Woo Bin and Han Ji Min immediately made fans enthusiastic. They said they couldn’t wait for the story of the ship captain and the mysterious woman who had just moved to Jeju Island.

” My favorite couple right now, ” said one fan. ” Awww Woobin ah, ” said another. ” Gosh! This couple is very beautiful, ” said another. ” Very cute, ” explained another. ” OMG…. VERY IMUUUUUT, ” said another.

Meanwhile, “Our Blues” itself will air new episodes on Saturday and Sunday (16-17 April). The drama has aired 2 episodes out of a total of 20.


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