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NC-sixteenone hundred twentyAction, Adventure, Drama


A young Chinese warrior steals a sword from a famed swordsman and then escapes into a international of romantic journey with a mysterious man within the frontier of the state.

Director:Ang Lee93Action, Crime, Thriller

A close to retired inspector and his unit are willing to place down a criminal offense boss at all prices at the same time as dealing with his replacement, who’s moving into their manner. Meanwhile, the crime boss sends his top henchmen to put an give up to their grimy schemes.

Director:Wilson Yipmagnificence=””>Two Chinese buddies, who operate a food truck in Barcelona, Spain, use their martial arts know-how to help their private investigator pal defend the pickpocket Sylvia, who’s been focused by a ruthless gang.

Director:Sammo Kam-Bo Hungmagnificence=””>Wong Fei-Hung is a mischievous yet righteous young guy, but after a sequence of incidents his pissed off father has him disciplined with the aid of a masterStars:Jackie Chan,Siu-Tin Yuen,Jeong-lee Hwang,Dean Shek

NC-sixteenmagnificence=””>A younger fighter named Kham must go to Australia to retrieve his stolen elephant. With the help of a Thai-born Australian detective, Kham have to tackle all comers, inclusive of a gang led by an evil girl and her deadly bodyguards.

Director:Prachya Pinkaewmagnificence=””>A young martial artist is stuck between respecting his pacifist father’s needs or preventing a set of disrespectful foreigners from stealing valuable artifacts.

Directors:Chia-Liang Liu,Jackie Chan97Action, Comedy

An orphan who has been raised at a kung fu school, where he is treated as little greater than a dogsbody and practice goal for the students, has a lifestyles-converting revel in after helping an antique peripatetic beggar.

Director:Woo-Ping Yuen13magnificence=””>The adventures of a restless martial arts scholar referred to as Dragon, who, whilst continuously pursuing a girl, gets concerned in the affairs of a gang of thieves.

Director:Jackie Chan1688 minmagnificence=””>A warm-headed inspector takes on a small but powerful Vietnamese-Chinese gang, after a sequence of crimes and homicide tries committed and setting an undercover cop and his lady friend in amazing chanceAction, Biography, Drama


During the Japanese invasion of China, a rich martial artist is pressured to depart his home whilst his metropolis is occupied. With little approach of presenting for themselves, Ip Man and the ultimate contributors of the metropolis ought to find a manner to survive.

Director:Wilson Yip16magnificence=””>A biography of Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia, who’s the founder and spiritualStars:Jet Li,Li Sun,Yong Dong,Yun Qu

PG13a hundred and forty minclass=””>The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns domestic, wherein he is skilled by means of his father for competition in a mixed martial arts match – a path that puts the fighter on a collision course together with hisStars:Tom Hardy,Nick Nolte,Joel Edgerton,Jennifer Morrison

Rclass=””>France employs neighborhood secret retailers in Vietnam 1922 to do away with resistance. The rebellion chief’s pretty daughter receives captured. Later an agent seems to have fallen in love with her and enables her get awayStars:Johnny Nguyen,Veronica Ngo,Dustin Nguyen,Thang Nguyen

NC-sixteenclass=””>A guy enslaved by means of the mob when you consider that adolescence and raised into behaving like a human attack dog escapes his captors and tries to start a new lifestylesStars:Jet Li,Bob Hoskins,Morgan Freeman,Kerry Condon

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