DreadOut The Movie Review, The Struggle of Linda and Her Friends in the Unseen World!


DreadOut is a horror film based on a famous game by the nation’s children. The film was directed by Kimo Stamboel with the production house GoodHouse Production. Young actors such as Caitlin Halderman, Jefri Nichol and Marsha Aruan participated in this anti-mainstream ghost film.

Now, this time, Dafunda has the opportunity to share a brief review of DreadOut. Come on, for those of you who haven’t watched it, go to the nearest cinema.

Review or Dreadout The Movie Review
Are you impatient? Come read the review of DreadOut Indonesia below!

DreadOut Graph (78/100)
DreadOut displays real graphics, only a few CGI effects are shown. Indeed, horror films are better to watch with pictures that look real. Some computer effects are available such as rays, portals to another world, and looks like when we are live on Instagram.

The graphics are also not too dark like most Indonesian horror films. For the appearance of the ghost itself, the pocong that carries the sickle and the ghost of the red kebaya is good enough. It’s just that there are some scenes such as hovering or flying that are still like old movies.

DreadOut Storyline (75/100)
For those of you who don’t play the DreadOut game, don’t worry, the storyline presented is quite easy to understand. Starting with 6 teenagers who want to be famous by going to a haunted building, this trip to the unseen world is quite stressful.

In our opinion, this film is still a horror with a fantasy feel. Linda with her spiritual power can open a gate to another world. There are only a few types of ghosts that appear here. Pocong with a sickle was the first to be encountered. And just like the game, Linda has to fight these ghosts with her flash cellphone.

From the beginning to the end, DreadOut can make the audience hold their breath. There is only one comedy at the end about the caretaker of the old building. In addition, there are many scenes that make the audience feel like “how come that’s the case”, thus making it less.

DreadOut Characters (77/100)
Throughout this film, the most prominent is Caitlin Halderman who plays Linda. It’s impossible to expect players to be exactly the same as the game, but Halderman’s acting is good. It’s just that the characters played are very monotonous.

Then there is Marsha Aruan who plays Jessica, Aruan seems to have to work extra hard because it has a scene almost like Halderman. Become a jealous schoolboy, trapped in a house filled with ghosts and made into toys.

Apart from them, there are 4 other actors such as Jefri Nichol, Chichio Mannasero, Susan Sameh who are supporting roles. Their role for this film we think is not too difficult. One more thing, Irsyadillah, this is a key player. Even so, Nichol seems to be the best for the character he plays. If you want a spoiler, you can comment below!

DreadOut Music (60/100)
In terms of music, the sound effects used are enough to make the heart beat fast. However, there is no music that makes the audience jump-scare like horror films from abroad. The atmosphere of horror in this film is very lacking because it is not supported by an epic scoring.


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