Doctor Lawyer (2022) Kdrama: Release Day, Story, Trailer




The drama has to do with a wizard surgeon who ends up being a medical negligence attorney after losing every little thing from a produced surgical treatment as well as a district attorney in the medical criminal activity department of the Seoul Central Area District Attorneys’ Office.

Han Yi Han is a surgeon turned attorney that focuses on medical lawsuits. He is a double-board fantastic doctor that finished from the top medical college as well as has specialties as a whole surgery as well as thoracic surgical procedure.

Geum Seok Young is a prosecutor with a company idea that the regeneration of criminals originates from punishment, not forgiveness and compassion. She shed a member of the family and a lover due to the surgery Han Yi Han carried out.


So Ji Below as Han Yi Han
Im Soo Hyang as Geum Seok Young
Shin Sung Rok as Jayden Lee
Lee Joo Bin as Im Yu Na


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