Dayoung WJSN Appears ‘Different’ On ‘Queendom 2’, Peek At 10 Beautiful Effortless Portraits


The Name Dayoung WJSN Was Suddenly Discussed. The Reason Is, This Beautiful Idol Looks Different When He Appears In ‘Queendom 2’ Until There Is Speculation If He Has Plastic Surgery.

Some K-Pop idols must have experienced visual changes because they have successfully gone on a diet and become glow up . However, accusations of facial plastic surgery cannot be avoided by these K-Pop stars.

This time, YouTube Korea Sojang claimed that the WJSN ( Cosmic Girls ) members had undergone surgery. The reason is, some of the WJSN members are considered “different” in the survival program ” Queendom 2 “. One of the members in question is Dayoung

The YouTubers bluntly called Dayoung like Gangnam Beauty (a term for someone who becomes beautiful and handsome after undergoing plastic surgery) in “Queendom 2”. At first, Dayoung was said to have a low nose and small eyes. But now Dayoung has double and wider eyelids and a nose that looks strong.

Even so, a number of fans felt that Dayoung had only changed the make-up style that was applied to her beautiful face. He also changed his hair color to dark, after a long time with blonde . Being highlighted, here are a series of effortless beautiful Dayoung portraits .

  1. Idols From Jeju
    Dayoung was born on Jeju Island, South Korea on May 4, 1999. This was once revealed by Dayoung when she was a guest star on episode 402 of ” Running Man”. .
  2. Good At Cooking
    The owner’s full name Lim Dayoung is known as an idol who is good at cooking. She is even called a mother figure in WJSN because of her good food processing skills. Dayoung seems used to helping her parents take care of the restaurant.
  3. Multitalented Artist
    The singer of the song “As You Wish” is a multitalented person. Dayoung is adept at playing two musical instruments, namely the trikona (a triangular steel instrument) and the tambourine. He also has a body that is quite flexible when dancing.
  4. Spread Your Wings In The World Of Acting
    Dayoung began to expand her acting wings in 2020. She successfully stole the public’s attention thanks to her great acting in the drama ” Love Revolution “, even though she just debuted. Dayoung also became a hot topic when appearing as a cameo in the drama ” True Beauty “.
  5. Sound Of Gold
    The Taurus zodiac idol also serves as a vocalist at WJSN. Dayoung proved her golden voice by appearing in ” King of Mask Singer ” as Brachiosaurus in episodes 241-242. In 2020, Dayoung and Exy became the OST for the drama ” Welcome “.
  6. The Happy Virus
    Dayoung is known as a cheerful and energetic WJSN member. Idols with blood type A are indeed known to be good at generating atmosphere and always have a lot of chatter. No doubt Dayoung has many fellow idol friends, such as Arin Oh My Girl , Gahyeon Dreamcatcher , and Kang Mina ex -gu9udan .
  7. WJSN’s First Sub Unit Debut
    In September 2020, Starship Entertainment announced the first sub unit for WJSN. Dayoung’s name along with Yeoreum , Luda , and Park Soobin were included in WJSN Chocome . This sub unit debuted with the song “Hmph!” and received a positive response from the public.
  8. Visual On Point
    The “Dreams Come True” singer successfully showed her complete visual with a new hairstyle. Dayoung looks more on point when she appears with shoulder-length short light brown hair.
  9. Can Ride
    This Seoul School of Performing Arts alumnus can also ride horses, you know. In 2020, Dayoung even managed to bring home a bronze medal at the Idol Star Championships Lunar New Year Special for the sport.
  10. Women’s Ideal Body Goals
    Dayoung is said to be one of the WJSN members who has a small body. even so, he still has the ideal body goals for women because he is diligent in exercising. As a result, she was chosen to be a sports magazine model in March 2020.


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