Crash Touchdown On You: Episode 14

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62February 17, 2020February 17, 2020Crash Landing on You: Episode 14by LollyPip

Time is walking quick and lives are increasingly at hazard as the government undergo down on our hero and his nemesis. Love is a effective force, however it can’t protect one’s cherished ones from harm if someone is decided to hurt them. Luckily, our tsundere soldier is surrounded by way of buddies, who are willing to provide their excited by the man they love and recognize.

After being shot by using Chul-kang, Se-ri is rushed to the health center, and Jung-hyuk and the ducklings leave out their bus returned domestic to North Korea. Se-ri is rushed into surgical procedure, leaving Jung-hyuk status helplessly inside the waiting room.

He thinks to himself that once Moo-hyuk died, he’d vowed to live his lifestyles in a manner that ensured he in no way misplaced some thing or each person he cared approximately once more. It had labored for some time, but it had also supposed a life without happiness, the piano, or love. Then he’d met Se-ri and had decided he wanted her in his existence, although it intended worrying about losing her, or a damaged heart because they can never be collectively.

Acting as Se-ri’s bodyguard, Jung-hyuk lurks near Se-ri’s hospital room as soon as she’s out of surgical procedure. Her circle of relatives ignores him, all but her stepmother, who notices him but doesn’t speak to him.

When Jung-hyuk’s father learns that neither Jung-hyuk nor the guys he despatched to retrieve him again, he figures that the army director (the excessive-ranked officer Chul-kang frequently works with) could be his biggest trouble transferring forward. He is aware of he needs to make a plan, but he has no idea what to do.

While Se-ri lies in a coma for days, a detective questions Secretary Hong approximately the shooting. Secretary Hong reveals it unusual that Se-ri changed into shot even as in her automobile, which must have made it smooth to escape. Soo-chan is in tears again, and he begs the detective to capture whoever shot her.

Eventually, Se-ri’s sister-in-regulation Hye-ji notices Jung-hyuk’s consistent presence, and Secretary Hong tells her that he’s Se-ri’s bodyguard. Sang-ah overhears and, taking into account the person who’s supposedly staying with Se-ri, orders Secretary Hong to ship her Jung-hyuk’s resume. Secretary Hong stands as much as her, announcing that Se-ri would have it, and that he wouldn’t provide it to her anyway with out Se-ri’s permission.

The detective techniques Jung-hyuk to behave as a witness to the taking pictures. Jung-hyuk asks if there was another shooting reported, but the detective says there wasn’t. Jung-hyuk informs him that the shooter was additionally injured however that he can’t are trying to find remedy at a everyday hospital, so he suggests they check out unauthorized clinical centers.

In fact, Chul-kang is being dealt with in some filthy room someplace, having been saved via Manager Oh. Manager Oh tells Chul-kang to pay him what he still owes and move domestic, and Chul-kang chuckles that his existence became saved through capitalism.

The senior colonel is finally launched, and while he is going domestic, Young-ae bursts into tears and yells at him for not listening while she advised him Chul-kang changed into terrible information. She wails that their son got his dumb mind from his dad, and HA, the child is like, “She’s now not incorrect.” The senior colonel promises no longer to think for himself anymore and hugs his family tight.

The women maintain a celebration to have fun, and Young-ae wears the blue dress that Se-ri altered for her. She warns Wol-sook no longer to drink and run off at the mouth today like she has a tendency to do, because they invited Dan’s mother. Unfortunately, Dan’s mother brings champagne, and shortly Wol-sook is under the influence of alcohol and feeling chatty.

She slurs that the wedding between Dan and Jung-hyuk is known as off because of Dan having a revenge affair with Seung-joon. Dan’s mother demands to know what Jung-hyuk has been up to, that Dan could need to have a revenge affair. She abruptly recollects Chi-soo getting drunk and talking about the “swallow from the South.”

She staggers to Dan’s condo, thinking about how determined Dan has been these days to reassure her that she’ll marry Jung-hyuk. She tells Dan not to worry approximately her and to stay her lifestyles doing what makes her happy, no longer what her mother instructed her to do.

Sang-ah and Se-hyung decide to fire Se-ri’s “bodyguard,” so as opposed to putting out outside her room, Jung-hyuk takes to standing outside the health facility looking up at her window. As her brothers argue over who must rent new bodyguards, Se-ri finally wakes up. Her first phrases are to inform her own family, “Get lost,” then she calls Jung-hyuk as soon as she’s by myself.

Se-ri weakly complains that Jung-hyuk left her side with out permission. He runs returned to her hospital room, and as quickly as he sees her he bursts into tears. Jung-hyuk fusses at Se-ri for throwing herself in the front of a bullet for him, but Se-ri retorts that he did the precise equal issue.

She holds out her fingers, and Jung-hyuk falls into them. They cry out their fear and comfort, until the ducklings excitedly descend on them. Jung-hyuk stops the guys from hugging Se-ri, handiest allowing polite handshakes (LOL, he’s so overprotective), then he asks how they knew Se-ri become conscious.

The ducklings all have a look at Man-bok, who hangs his head sheepishly. Turns out, he didn’t like the appears of Se-ri’s family, so he’d disguised himself and positioned a malicious program under her bed. The ducklings had taken turns listening in, gathering valuable information just like the fact that Se-ri’s father is the chairman of the sanatorium, and that Se-hyung and Sang-ah are nasty pieces of work.

HAHA, at one factor Man-bok even acts out an argument among Chairman Yoon and Se-hyung, as the ducklings watch with rapt attention. They’d been consuming dinner whilst Se-ri wakened, and had dropped the entirety to rush to her facet. Man-bok gives Se-ri a record to pay attention to, announcing that it’s something she needs to hear.

Up north, Seung-joon issues approximately Dan after she walked away crying over Jung-hyuk. He texts that he’ll await her on the bridge, and although she grumbles the entire time, she takes the time to restore herself up earlier than she goes to meet him.

She snaps that the State Security Department continues to be seeking out him, however Seung-joon says he turned into greater concerned approximately her than himself. He confesses that he helped Jung-hyuk and Se-ri get collectively, and he gives to permit Dan think of him as Jung-hyuk and hit him. Dan says she wouldn’t experience higher after hitting the man she likes, so Seung-joon says to think of him as himself, and PFFT, she socks him within the gut.

Grinning, Seung-joon gasps that she’s even greater attractive to him now. Dan asks if he approach it, admitting that she questioned her own attractiveness after Jung-hyuk left.Seung-joon reminds her that he doesn’t deceive her and says she’s a goddess, and that he can’t hate her even though she’s haughty and unfriendly.

He says she makes him need to be a higher guy, then his mind short-circuits whilst she starts offevolved to cry. Dan grabs him and kisses him, but she makes herself shy and backs off. Seung-joon takes over, and this time Dan doesn’t stop the kiss.

Se-ri listens to the recording that Man-bok left for her, which turns out to be her stepmother speakme to her whilst she turned into subconscious. She’d cried that Se-ri constantly treated her like a actual mom, but that she’d by no means established that love.

She’d defined that on the day she abandoned Se-ri on the seaside, she’d regretted it and gone returned, but with the aid of then Se-ri were determined by using strangers. She’d sobbed that she changed into sorry, and that the hell they’ve been through was due to the fact she was punishing herself via not letting herself be cherished by way of Se-ri.

Jung-hyuk unearths Se-ri crying over the recording, but she fibs that she’s crying because now she’ll have a scar and might’t put on a bikini. Jung-hyuk tries to cheer her up by means of proudly displaying her his many, worse scars, preening while Se-ri acts suitably inspired.

He points out a scar on his face, and while Se-ri says she can’t see it, he cheekily swoops in for a kiss. He’s approximately to kiss her once more while the ducklings come in and assume the worst, specially considering the fact that Jung-hyuk’s shirt is half off at this factor (LOL, Kwang-bum covers Eun-dong’s harmless eyes).

Meanwhile, high-stage South Korean officials get together to discuss the tunnel that Chul-kang and Jung-hyuk used to go into the u . s . a .. They’ve discovered proof of North Koreans infiltrating South Korea via the tunnel, which include CCTV pix of men exiting the tunnel per week apart, and that they suspect the men may also were worried in Se-ri’s taking pictures.


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