Cover Of Twice’s Song ‘What Is Love?’, NMIXX’s Successful Appearance Makes Netter Sensation


In Contrast To The Bold And Powerful Vibe Of Their Debut Song ‘OO’, Twice’s Adorable New NMIXX Cover Gives The Rookie Girl Group A Chance To Show Off Their Cute Side, What Do You Think?

Rookie girl group NMIXX has just covered the iconic hit song by their label mates at JYP Entertainment Twice in a new Relay Dance challenge. In the latest broadcast of M2’s “Relay Dance Again” series, where idols line up and take turns dancing in front of the camera, NMIXX performed Twice’s hit 2018 song “What is Love?”.

In contrast to the bold and powerful vibe of their debut song “OO“, Twice’s adorable new cover of NMIXX gives the rookie girl group a chance to show off their cute side. It’s not surprising that many fans and netizens admit to being smitten by NMIXX’s charming appearance.

” Jin is very beautiful!! And Haewon the Leader sings Jihyo Parts and also Leader, Sullyoon fits the concept * chef kiss,” commented netter. ” OK HOW CAN YOU BE THIS FUNNY? nmixx never disappoints any concept,” said another. ” The funny concept really suits them and I really smile while watching this beautiful cover. Nmixx never disappoints,” concluded another.

Meanwhile on July 9, 2021, JYP Entertainment announced a new girl group will debut in February 2022, the first since ITZY in 2019. From July 16 to July 25, JYP Entertainment provided pre-orders for a limited edition of the group’s debut package, titled “Blind.” Package” which includes the group’s debut album and album-related materials. The members were then revealed through various dance videos and song covers from August 6 to November 19.

On January 26, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced the group name to be NMIXX, until then tentatively called JYPn. On February 2, it was announced that they would debut on February 22 with the release of “Ad Mare”. Then on February 18, 2022, JYP Entertainment announced that the group’s debut showcase, which was originally scheduled for February 22, would be postponed to March 1 after group member Bae tested positive for COVID-19.


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