Cobra Kai Superstar Xolo Mariduena Talks About His Upcoming Superhero Movie Blue Beetle And Wearing The Match

Xolo Mariduena one of the stars of Cobra Kai talks about gambling the superhero Blue Beetle and entry into the DC universe

Xolo Mariduena one of the stars of the enormously a hit suggests Cobra Kai may also be playing the superhero in Blue Beetle, the upcoming superhero movie set within the DC Extended Universe. The actor has pointed out his feelings approximately playing a superhero in a recent interview.

Blue Beetle aka Jaime Reyes is a youngster who encounters a bit of alien technology referred to as the Blue Scarab which completely attaches to his body and gives him superpowers.

Angel Manuel Soto who previously directed the critically hit Charm City Boys could be directing the challenge with a screenplay written by using Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer.

In a current interview with USA Today even as selling season four of Cobra Kai the actor mentioned his upcoming film wherein he will be gambling the role of Jaime Reyes. While the film remains in early production the actor did speak about wearing his superhero fit for the first time “We’ve accomplished two in shape fittings,” Maridueña stated. “They’re hoping that I get extra buff by the time we truely start filming. But I’ve seen the suit, and it seems extraordinary,” he brought.

Blue Beetle turned into formally introduced in the course of the 2020 DC Fandom occasion, making it the first Latin American superhero inside the DCEU.

The actor mentioned season four of Cobra Kai and his pleasure for the 5th season which was confirmed by Netflix, “Honestly, it feels like I’ve skipped some stepping stones. “Cobra Kai” has been one of these excellent possibility, (and) it feels a touch bit intimidating being that is my first movie and it’s in a realm it really is definitely one of a kind than whatever I’ve ever worked on. I’m nervous, but I’m excited,” he admitted. The actor in addition stated that Blue Bettle is crucial for Latinos and seeing humans of color, brown human beings, represented onscreen, however additionally as tale hasn’t honestly been seen before.

Blue Beetle does no longer have an legit release date however we will count on to listen more approximately it within the coming months and in all likelihood a past due 2022 or early 2023 release date.Updated: January 07, 2022 08:50 PM IST

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