CN Blue’s Lee Jung Shin Admits He Really Pays Attention To His Appearance When Filming ‘Shooting Stars’, This Is The Reason


While Attending The ‘Shooting Stars’ Press Conference On Wednesday (20/4), Lee Jung Shin Opened Up About His Experience Filming This Drama. Here’s The Full Narrative.

On Wednesday (20/4), tvN held a press conference for its new drama entitled ” Shooting Stars “. Lee Jung Shin who plays Do Soo Hyuk also attended this event.

“Shooting Stars” is a romantic comedy about people who work behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, whose job it is to clean up the mess the stars have made. This drama depicts the realistic story of celebrity staff who shed blood, sweat and tears to make their bosses shine like stars.

Lee Jung Shin plays a young, rich and handsome lawyer named Do Soo Hyuk. He is a lawyer at the agency Star Force Entertainment, who is always sweet to the woman he likes, Oh Han Byul ( Lee Sung Kyung ).

During the press conference, Lee Jung Sin revealed that he took great care of his appearance while filming this drama. He did this to look good even though he was side by side with two other handsome actors, namely Kim Young Dae and Yoon Jong Hoon .

Lee Jung Shin said, “I paid a lot of attention to my appearance because actors Kim Young Dae and Yoon Jong Hoon who I filmed with were very handsome. This is my first time taking on the role of a lawyer, so I looked through the book the scriptwriter showed me, and I learn about the work that lawyers do.”

The 30-year-old actor then revealed the most memorable scene in the drama. He explained, “I have never met or consulted a lawyer before. This will remain so in the future. Among Star Force Entertainment’s cases, the most memorable is the anti-fan story.”

“There is a scene where I go to the police station and meet the founder of anti-fans. It’s very painful to hear their answers about the reasons why they don’t like celebrities. Various cases will arise. Some are funny and hilarious, and there are also interesting stories,” he added.

Besides Lee Jung Shin, director Lee Soo Hyun also revealed the attractive charm of this drama. He shared, “I added a sitcom element while telling the story of various jobs in a fun way. Various cameos will also appear in each episode, so please anticipate this point as well.”

Meanwhile, “Shooting Stars” is prepared to fill tvN’s Friday – Saturday airing slot replacing ” Bad and Crazy “. The plan, which also stars Sojin Girl’s Day , will start airing on Friday (22/4).


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