Chen EXO Will Remain Busy As An Idol Even Though He Is Now A Husband And Father


Chen Did Not Join The Rest Of The EXO Members For Their Tenth Anniversary Fan Meeting To Be Held In April 2022. However, It Looks Like Chen Will Be Returning To His Main Job Soon!

After Chen EXO completed his military service some time ago, many fans are curious about how the career of the melodious singer will continue. There aren’t many idols who have married and remain active, but Chen is one of them.

Even though Chen was once one of the most beloved members of EXO, he saw a sudden reaction in January 2020 when he announced his upcoming marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend. It was also announced that her fiancé was pregnant.

Many saw the sudden news as a betrayal of the fans, with several Korean EXO-Ls ceasing to support the idol. However, despite the backlash, the two married in a private ceremony and welcomed their first daughter in April 2020. They had a second child in January 2022.

Soon after, Chen’s activity diminished, most likely due to the counterattack. In October 2020, Chen released the song “Hello” as a gift to fans before he enlisted in the military. He completed his assignment on April 25, 2022.

Chen was absent from EXO’s latest comeback last year, “Don’t Fight the Feeling.” The title track and album (both have the same name) were released in June 2021. At that time, Chen was still serving in the military as an active duty soldier.

Despite being discharged, Chen remains in the spotlight. The owner’s real name Kim Jongdae did not join the other EXO members for their tenth anniversary fan meeting which was held in April 2022.

However, it seems that Chen will soon return to his main job! On April 26, SM Entertainment announced the line-up for their two-night concert in Japan, “SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS” which will be held at the Tokyo Dome.

Three EXO members will participate in this concert, namely Suho , Kai , and Chen. This marks Chen’s first public appearance since his discharge from the military. The concerts will be held on May 27 and August 28.

On May 11, Chen released the studio version of his 2019 release, “Hold You Tight.” The video includes a short and sweet message for EXO-L that reads, “I hope you have a warm and cozy spring.”

In addition, Chen is also scheduled to appear at the Hallyu Pop Fest which will be held in London, England on 9-10 July. Chen will perform on the first day while Kai will appear on the second day. This marked Chen’s first live appearance since completing his military service.


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