BTS Releases Mysterious Date Leaks There’s Something After Successful Concert Holds In Las Vegas

After Successfully Holding A Concert In Las Vegas ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’, BTS Again Made Fans Hysterical. How Not, Surprisingly They Released Something In The Form Of A Mysterious Date.

After performing on their own stage in Las Vegas, BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) again announced something surprising. How not, BTS has made hysterics for leaking teasers and a mysterious date that is allegedly a comeback.

BTS seems to be preparing for something sensational. On Saturday (16/4), the group took to the stage at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to conclude the fourth and final day of their concert “Permission to Dance On Stage.” After the group performed their last song “Permission to Dance“, the faint messages “WE ARE BULLETPROOF” and “2022.06.10” appeared on the screen.

In fact, the date managed to trigger fans to speculate and believe that BTS will release their latest work in 2022. It looks like fans can expect something new on June 10th.

This news never escapes the trending discussion on Twitter. Many fans are showing enthusiasm for BTS’s alleged 2022 comeback despite having just been given a leak about the date.

“Finally, the real king of boy groups will make them all come back to save K-Pop,” another commented. “This must be a comeback, the date and name of something makes me believe they will comeback,” wrote a fan. “I smell comebacks. Very sure for this,” wrote another.

“I’m very moved to hear this news. They haven’t said it but I’m sure they will comeback, ‘We Are Bulletproof’ is information from everything,” another commented. “Mark your respective ARMY calendars, new songs, comebacks and new eras are coming,” concluded another.

Meanwhile, BTS recently made a comeback with their digital single “Permission to Dance” in July last year. BTS also re-entered the nominations for the 2022 Grammy Awards but failed to take home the trophy. Even so, BTS and fans unite to encourage each other and create good works in the future.

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