“bridgerton season 3” release date australia & Everything You Need to Know About Bridgerton Season 3


Girls, the highly anticipated second season of Bridgerton is finally here! Everyone’s favorite gossip girl, Lady Whistledown, returns as another debut season begins. And everyone can’t wait to read what he has to say as Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) tries to find the right fit for him. Exciting times!

But while fans are still busy enjoying the latest season of the hit Netflix and Shondaland series, some are already wondering if there will be a sequel. Well, you’ve clicked into the right place because Cosmo has the answer right here. Let’s find out!

Will there be a Bridgerton season 3?
Yup! Cheer up because, yes, there will be season 3 of this brilliant Regency-era inspired masterpiece. Netflix announced that there will be two more seasons of the series in April 2021, so will add seasons 3 and 4. So expect more romance to come your way.

What will happen?
So far, the series has followed Julia Quinn’s original book with the same storyline. If Shondaland continues down this path, then the next love story we will follow is the playboy Benedict Bridgerton.

The third book, An Offer From a Gentleman, takes inspiration from Cinderella. A young woman named Sophia Beckett learns that she is the daughter of a long-lost earl, even though she has been made a servant by her evil stepmother. She goes to Lady Bridgerton’s masquerade, where she meets Prince Charming, Benedict.

While it looks like we’ll be seeing Benedict’s love story, that may not be the main focus of season 3. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Bridgerton executive producers Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van Dusen hinted that the series’ next season might deviate more from the book.

“There are eight Bridgerton siblings, so we plan to follow each sibling’s romantic story,” Rhimes confirmed. “We don’t have to do it sequentially but we will look at each of the siblings and their stories.”

Van Dusen also confirmed that each Bridgerton sibling will be in the spotlight one by one assuming viewers (and Netflix, of course) continue to wait for the series to continue.

“I can’t name or talk about anything after this season, [but] it’s always been my goal to focus on the Bridgerton brothers who are different every season and it’s no secret that there are eight Bridgerton brothers,” Van Dusen explained. “In our success, we will continue as long as Netflix has us, but I want to focus on every one of those eight Bridgerton brothers and tell a romantic story for all of them.”

Who will return as the cast?
Well, if we focus on Benedict’s story, Benedict actor Luke Thompson will definitely be back. Benedict’s siblings are also likely to appear, especially the younger ones who haven’t found their match yet. Like Daphne from Phoebe Dynevor, Anthony from Bailey will likely take a step back and not make as many appearances as he did during the previous season.

Of course, Cosmo had always hoped for RegĂ©-Jean Page to reprise his role as the dashing Duke of Hastings. But honey, that’s impossible. Nothing is set in stone just yet though, so a girl can still dream!

When will season 3 air?
Filming for season three won’t begin until a few months from now, so don’t expect anything sooner than 2023. And if they come out on the same schedule as seasons one and two, then it’s around winter.

Don’t worry! Cosmo will get back to you as soon as we hear more news! In the meantime, maybe you can re-watch season 1 episode 6!


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