Black Adam, The Shazam Villain, Will Should Watch For His Personal Movie Now


There’s a brand new film out this year, Black Adam, that’s beginning to get a bit of noise round it. You can also have heard of Black Adam, the DC antagonist who normally suggests up (inside the comics) to be the stand-in awful man for Shazam (who is also getting a film this yr).

Well, what’s the cope with Black Adam? Why is a man or woman that is typically installation as a villain being given his personal movie? We’ve got solutions to all your burning questions under. OK maybe no longer all of them, however some of them.Trailers? Not but

The movie hasn’t received a trailer yet (and thinking about that it’s been behind schedule to the give up of the year, we might not see a trailer for a while). That stated, DC has released a sizzle reel for some upcoming films, inclusive of snaps from the Black Adam film.

We additionally have this teaser for Black Adam.


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