Big Bang Becomes A Model For YG Entertainment Artists


The South Korean Boy Group Is Known To Have Made A Comeback Through The Music ‘Still Life’. This Was Then Also Greeted Enthusiastically By Artists Who Are Also Under YG Entertainment.

As is known, recently, the South Korean boy group BIGBANG ( BIG BANG ) decided to make a comeback after a hiatus. As for their first comeback in four years with the release of a song called “Still Life”.

Despite having been on hiatus for a relatively long time, BIGBANG has once again proved their popularity. Through the beautiful music of “Still Life”, the boy group has managed to reach a great milestone on the music charts. Even without promotions , BIGBANG successfully topped Billboard’s Digital Song Sales Chart with “Still Life”.

However, some fans suspect that “Still Life” will be BIGBANG’s last comeback for a long time, due to TOP ‘s touching message . While BIGBANG’s comeback itself is known to be very meaningful for fans and other artists in its management, YG Entertainment.

The YG Entertainment artists who have BIGBANG as their role models include IU , Zico , and Jungkook BTS . Not only that, as fellow artists under YG Entertainment, BIGBANG views the group with the utmost respect.

In a video uploaded via BIGBANG’s official YouTube channel, WINNER YG Entertainment, iKON , and TREASURE appeared to be attending the broadcast of the “Still Life” music video. The three groups claimed to be very enthusiastic about welcoming BIGBANG’s comeback.

WINNER’s Hoony who is also known as Seunghoon shared that although BIGBANG hasn’t released music as a group in a long time, fans, including WINNER, “will wait for them for a long time.” TREASURE ‘s Dan Hyunsuk even shared that he and his members actually felt nervous to watch the music video because they admired BIGBANG so much.

Then, the staff then asked the three groups to explain what BIGBANG means to them as artists, sincerely showing the group’s appreciation for their sunbaes (seniors in the industry).

“I think of them as frames. They make these frames and a lot of artists and music are influenced by them,” Hoony WINNER said in a statement, seen on Sunday (17/4).

“Artists who tell us the beauty of singers,” explained Jihoon on the same occasion. “They made us who we are today. To be honest, they helped us to be where we are now,” continued Hyunsuk.


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