Batman: The Long Halloween Unique Vol 1 1

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Batman: The Long Halloween Special #1 is a one-shot with a cowl date ofDecember, 2021. It turned into published on October 26, 2021.

Synopsis for “Nightmares”

In Nantucket Massachusetts, 3 weeks before Halloween, the cell-room of Gilda Dent is plastered with newspaper articles and snap shots, all of her husband. One wall before the accident, “Dynamic D.A.!”, “New D.A. “Apollo” Wins”. An other wall, after. “Terror within the Courtroom”. A mugshot of Dent. We then see that the cellular window has been shattered, she has escaped. Gilda, outside, jumps over a wooden fence, evading a searchlight. She runs down the hill that the Squire Institute for the Criminally Insane is about atop, toward a small row-boat at a small dock.

In Gotham, Calendar Mans crew are holding up Wilson’s Jewelry. The equal jeweler that Martha Waynes pearls were purchased. Inside numerous calendar-grunts with AR-15s are protecting a few hostages, whilst spreading around pieces of paper with diverse dates on them. Two calendar-grunts are inside the back of the building, starting the jewelers vault with a large device. They eliminate the device, and open the vault best to discover Batman inner awaiting them, “Where is Julian Day?”.

Batman proceeds to explain to the reader that for the past few weeks, Calendar Man has been sending his men to scouse borrow gems. Specifically they had been stealing birthstones, gemstones that correspond to the months at the calendar. He takes the two calendar-grunts into the vault with and explains to them that he will “paintings on” both of them until one in all them talks, which means that someone may have taken a beating for not anything. He closes the vault door behind him.

Later, atop the Gotham City Police Departments constructing, Batman techniques commissioner Jim Gordon. Gordon states that he would not even want Batman to alert his arrival anymore, and he already knows of his arrival. He then thank you Batman for his work at Wilsons Jewelry, and Batman responds that the calendar-grunts will most probable make bail, and that optimistically they may lead him to Julian. Batman talks about how Calendar Man is making extra brazen and perilous because of his envy of the holiday killers reputation, and Gordon starts to reminisce over him, Batman, and D.A. Dents gatherings at the rooftop, before Two-Face. However, Batman retorts, telling him now not to, as Dent is now a killer and a lunatic, and that they in all likelihood in no way knew the actual him. He proposes that perhaps Two-Face became there hiding the entire time, to which Gordon modifications the problem explaining how his niece, Barbara, wanted to head trick or treating with Robin. He asks if this will be feasible and begins to turn around, but whilst he does, the Batman is nowhere to be visible, leaving Gordon to contemplate what to tell his niece.

One week earlier than Halloween, within the Gotham sewer system, Solomon Grundy is standing on a stone platform above the murky waters, guarding a door labelled Gotham Electric. A female approaches cloaked in shadows, explaining to Solomon that she desires she wants to shield the man behind the door as a good deal as he does. He shall we opens the door for her. The guy within the room is Two-Face, who is alternatively upset at Solomon, as he did now not want to be disturbed, starts scolding him handiest to all at once stop upon seeing the lady he permit in. The woman is Gilda Dent. Harvey asks her how long she’s been back and she lies, telling him she’s been lower back at least a yr, searching out him all this time. They hug. Harvey steps again asking why she would come lower back after what came about to him, to his face, however “All I see is my Apollo…”

In the cave under Wayne Manor, Halloween is speedy coming near. Bruce is on the Bat-Computer analyzing numerous birthstones whilst Alfred seems, asking is Bruce is considering a present for Miss Kyle, however is disappointed to learn Bruce is analyzing most effective Calendar Man. Bruce explains to Alfred that Calendar Man remains going after the more expensive birthstones like diamond over the inexpensive like garnet, and Alfred proposes that the worth of something is simply a matter of attitude. He begins to signify letting Robin assist however Bruce denies this notion straight away. Alfred explains although that he’s going to never be ready if Bruce never we could him.

Appearing in “Nightmares”

Featured Characters:

  • Batman

Supporting Characters:

  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Gilda Dent
  • James Gordon


  • Calendar Man
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Two-Face

Other Characters:

  • Barbara Eileen Gordon
  • Barbara Gordon
  • James Gordon, Jr.
  • Robin
  • Catwoman (Mentioned most effective)
  • The Joker (Mentioned simplest)
  • Martha Wayne (Mentioned best)
  • The Riddler (Mentioned handiest)
  • Thomas Wayne (Mentioned handiest)


  • Gotham City
    • Crime Alley
    • Wayne Manor
      • Batcave
  • Massachusetts
    • Nantucket
  • South Africa (Mentioned best)


  • Bat-Signal
  • Batcomputer
  • Two-Face’s Coin


  • This one-shot acts as an epilogue to Batman: The Long Halloween (Volume1), at the same time as additionally taking the activities of Batman: Dark Victory (Volume1) into consideration.
  • The trouble heavily means that Gilda Dent become in reality Holiday, as suggested at the stop of Batman: The Long Halloween #thirteen.

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