Avengers Infinity War Review: Spectacular, Intense, & Thanos’ Superiority


Almost all film fans in Indonesia and even the world have been hit by the Avengers: Infinity War hype virus . The virus was getting crazier when the film was finally released on April 25 yesterday. The unique sight that rarely happens where cinemas are completely filled with queues of people fighting for tickets to see this film on the first day of its release, proves that Infinity War has its own magic that makes anyone want to watch the film immediately.

So what about the film itself? Does it meet expectations? The answer, of course, is from yourself geeks, to what extent do you expect from this film. However, we will review how far Greenscene’s expectations are and how high expectations have been achieved. The answer is simple , this film is amazing.

Not a Perfect Movie

However, this film cannot be said to be perfect. There are some things of concern, although not something fatal. Such as the CGI movements that are not smooth in the first few scenes, the storyline that is a little ‘jumped’, as well as the origins of the Black Order characters that are not explored in depth (which is understandable because the Russo Brothers are definitely required to save a long enough duration).

Heavy Storyline

Another thing that may be agreed upon by anyone who watched the film, Infinity War has the most weighty story among other Avengers films. High credit to the duet of screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely who geniusly concocted an intense story, flowed well and produced a spectacular feel. Not to mention the plot twists that appear several times and make it quite difficult for us to guess the storyline of this film. Their brilliance is also proven by the challenges of the many characters in this film which they process in a balanced way, not to mention shaping the character of Thanos as a villain who is predicted to be the most bad-ass villain from Marvel Studios.

It’s not about how evil Thanos is, but about his background, obsessions and dilemmas that make us admire the figure of Thanos as well as ask about our own human morals for admiring a villain. There is a slight tendency if this film also shows the superiority of Thanos over the Avengers, but that might be a plus point considering we are a little bored with heroes who beat their enemies too easily.

Russo Brothers Is A Real Star!

If there is a question who is the most flashy star in this film, the Russo Brothers are the right answer. He did not appear in front of the screen, but this director duo was able to tell a slick and dynamic film in every scene. There are almost no non-sense or complementary scenes that they show. They also insert some refreshing humor at the right time and moment. Likewise with the dramatization that makes it difficult for our eyes to leave the screen. The memorable 149 minutes show that they take into account all aspects in detail. Including themesong that fits every scene and is certainly memorable.

Overall , 9 out of 10 is the most objective rating we can give for this film. With various positive aspects and fantastic echoes, Avengers: Infinity War is very worthy for us to watch with friends, family or even for ourselves. Last words , thank you Marvel Studios for the fantastic work you guys do.


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