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First mild novel quantity cowl, featuring MyneGenreFantasy, isekaiWritten byMiya KazukiPublished byShōsetsuka ni NarōOriginal runSeptember 23, 2013 – March 12, 2017Written byMiya KazukiIllustrated byYū ShiinaPublished byTO BooksEnglish writer

J-Novel ClubImprintTO BunkoDemographicMaleOriginal runJanuary 25, 2015 – presentVolumes29 (List of volumes)Illustrated bySuzukaPublished byTO BooksEnglish writer

J-Novel ClubImprintCorona ComicsMagazineComic CoronaDemographicShōjoOriginal runOctober 30, 2015 – July 2, 2018Volumes7 (List of volumes)Illustrated bySuzukaPublished byTO BooksEnglish writer

J-Novel ClubImprintCorona ComicsMagazineComic CoronaDemographicShōjoOriginal runSeptember 24, 2018 – presentVolumes7 (List of volumes)Illustrated byRyo NaminoPublished byTO BooksImprintCorona ComicsMagazineComic CoronaDemographicShōjoOriginal runApril 30, 2018 – presentVolumes5 (List of volumes)Directed byMitsuru HongoWritten byMariko KunisawaMusic byMichiruStudioAjia-do Animation WorksLicensed byCrunchyroll

Muse CommunicationOriginal networkABC, Tokyo MX, Wowow, BS Fuji, AT-XOriginal run October three, 2019–June 14, 2022Episodes36 + 2 OVA (List of episodes)Illustrated byHikaru KatsukiPublished byTO BooksImprintCorona ComicsMagazineComic CoronaDemographicShōjoOriginal runDecember 24, 2020 – presentVolumes4 (List of volumes)

Ascendance of a Bookworm (Japanese: 本好きの下剋上 ~司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません~, Hepburn: Honzuki no Gekokujō: Shisho ni Naru Tame ni wa Shudan o Erandeiraremasen, lit. “Ascendance of a Bookworm: I’ll Stop at Nothing to Become a Librarian”) is a Japanese myth light novel series written via Miya Kazuki and illustrated by way of Yū Shiina. It become serialized on-line from September 2013 to March 2017 at the user-generated novel publishing website Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was later received through TO Books, who has posted twenty-nine volumes when you consider that January 2015.

A manga edition of the primary part with artwork by Suzuka turned into serialized online thru Niconico Seiga internet site from October 2015 to July 2018. It was accumulated in seven tankōbon volumes via TO Books. Both the mild novel and manga are posted in English by way of J-Novel Club.[1] An anime television collection adaptation via Ajia-do Animation Works aired the primary element from October to December 2019, and the second part aired from April to June 2020. A two-part OVA episode launched in March 2020. A 1/3 season aired from April to June 2022.Plot[edit]

The story follows Urano Motosu, a e-book-loving publish-secondary college pupil and soon-to-be librarian who finally ends up overwhelmed to death beneath a pile of books at her house during an earthquake. With her demise breath, she wishes to be reincarnated in a international wherein she will be able to examine books all the time. Urano awakens inside the body of a vulnerable, 5-12 months-old woman named Myne in a global wherein books are scarce and most effective available to elites. Myne, retaining her recollections from her preceding existence, makes a decision to create and print her personal books so that she can read once more.Characters[edit]Myne (マイン, Main) / Urano Motosu (本須 麗乃, Motosu Urano)Voiced through: Yuka Iguchi[2] (Japanese); Reba Buhr[3] (English)The titular bookworm, Urano (a college scholar) was at the cusp of being a librarian whilst she was ironically overwhelmed to demise underneath a pile of books at some point of an earthquake and reincarnated as a sickly 5-year-vintage lady named Myne, but in a global in which books are only for extremely rich nobles. Her frailty is due to a unprecedented ailment known as the “Devouring,” which includes excessive fevers that spark each time the host is pressured or depressed. Now, Myne has to place her e-book-expertise to the test a good way to become a librarian in her new global.Ferdinand (フェルディナンド, Ferudinando)Voiced by: Show Hayami[2] (Japanese); Armen Taylor[four] (English)The High Priest in the city of Ehrenfest.Tuuli (トゥーリ, Tūri)Voiced by: Megumi Nakajima[5] (Japanese); Lisa Reimold[four] (English)Myne’s elder sister by way of three hundred and sixty five days who follows her mom’s craft in turning into a seamstress.Effa (エーファ, Ēfa)Voiced by using: Fumiko Orikasa[five] (Japanese); Kirsten Day[four] (English)Myne and Tuuli’s mother who is a seamstress via exchange and works at a dye factory.Gunther (ギュンター, Gyuntā)Voiced through: Tsuyoshi Koyama[5] (Japanese); Kaiji Tang[four] (English)Myne and Tuuli’s father who works as a soldier and a guard for the city of Ehrenfest.Lutz (ルッツ, Ruttsu)Voiced with the aid of: Mutsumi Tamura[five] (Japanese); Jeannie Tirado[6] (English)Myne’s youth pleasant pal who enables her in her business to make paper and create books. He first of all desired to be a traveling service provider, but after being dissuaded by Otto, he comes to a decision to paintings with Myne and be the muscle to her mind. He is the primary to suspect that Myne is not who she was and has been in fact taken over by means of a person else.Otto (オットー, Ottō)Voiced by using: Satoshi Hino[7] (Japanese); Joe Zieja[6] (English)A former travelling service provider and now soldier and navy accountant of Ehrenfest. He teaches Myne a way to examine and write the language of the new global.Benno (ベンノ)Voiced by means of: Takehito Koyasu[7] (Japanese); Xander Mobus[6] (English)A town service provider who takes Myne and Lutz underneath his wing and enables them develop their bookmaking commercial enterprise. After realizing the potential Myne and Lutz have at their craft, he’s insistent on schooling them to be merchants and argues towards others who need the pair for themselves.Mark (マルク, Maruku)Voiced by way of: Tomoaki Maeno[7] (Japanese); Brian Anderson[eight] (English)An assistant at Benno’s store who facilitates Myne and Lutz on their journey.Gustav (グスタフ, Gusutafu)Voiced by way of: Hiroshi Naka[7] (Japanese); Brook Chalmers[nine] (English)The head of the Merchant Guild in Ehrenfest and Benno’s senior. He concurs to allow Lutz and Myne to grow to be temporarily registered merchants after seeing the products the duo are capable of create.Freida (フリーダ, Furīda)Voiced with the aid of: Aya Uchida[7] (Japanese); Kayli Mills[10] (English)Gustav’s granddaughter who needs to buy one in every of Myne’s hairpins to wear at her baptism. Like Myne, she has the incurable infection called the “Devouring.”Gil (ギル, Giru)Voiced through: Yūko Sanpei[eleven] (Japanese); Laura Stahl[6] (English)A younger gray-robed boy who is positioned as Myne’s retainer. He is pompous, brash, and believes himself superior to Myne, despite the fact that he is beneath her in the temple hierarchy. He finally comes round and serves Myne faithfully after she suggests him kindness and compassion.Fran (フラン, Furan)Voiced with the aid of: Shō Karino[eleven] (Japanese); Chris Hackney[6] (English)A gray-robed young guy who’s located as Myne’s retainer. He is quiet, follows the policies, and is fantastically committed to the temple. He is the primary retainer to earn Myne’s believe and turns into her right-hand guy.Delia (デリア, Deria)Voiced by: Chiyo Tomaru[11] (Japanese); Lizzie Freeman[6] (English)A younger gray-robed girl who is positioned as Myne’s retainer. She is out to harass and frustrate Myne on the High Bishop’s orders, hoping she will be able to grow up to be his concubine if she’s a hit. After Myne threatens to send her lower back to the orphanage, she adjustments her approaches and serves Myne faithfully but nonetheless retains her snarky mindset.Ralph (ラルフ, Rarufu)Voiced by way of: Hitomi Nabatame[11] (Japanese); Danielle McRae[6] (English)He is the third of four brothers, and the older brother of Lutz.Sylvester (ジルヴェスター, Jiruvesutā)Voiced with the aid of: Kazuhiko Inoue[12]Media[edit]Light novels[edit]

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