All of Us Are Dead (Netflix) – The Korean school zombie series has not really broken through


All of Us Are Dead disappointed viewers more than impressed.

Set in a high school, All of Us Are Dead (Netflix), also known as School of the Walking Dead , is a survival film in the midst of a zombie pandemic that suddenly descended on the lives of teenagers. youthful age. Officially losing their childhood and having to grow up quickly, they have to deal with bloodthirsty zombies, but the real danger comes from the living.

After debuting in the Korean market three years ago with the horror TV series Kingdom , TV giant Netflix has returned to zombies with its latest hit series All of Us Are Dead . Based on Joo Dong Geun’s webtoon of the same name, the drama depicts a zombie outbreak at a high school. According to director Lee JQ, the plot of the film is edited differently from the webtoon, including the origin of the virus and the character’s personality. However, despite these changes, All of Us Are Dead has not really made any significant breakthroughs, even without leaving a good mark in the hearts of the majority of the audience “thanks to” situations and wacky character.

Despite the fast-paced and chaotic zombie hordes, the audience still captures the thoughts and feelings of each of the main characters, including On Jo (Park Ji Hoo), a teenage girl who chose this day to speak. reveals her feelings for her classmate Su Hyeok (Park Solomon) while her childhood best friend, Cheong San (Yoon Chan Young) keeps her affair a secret. Class president Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun), whose calm personality, wealthy family and best student in school make Su Hyeok cherish a secret love. A far cry from the character in Squid Game , Lee Yoo Mi plays the mean rich kid Na Yeon who looks down on people while Yoo In Soo is Gwi Nam, a bully who always turns corrupt during the plague. break out.

All of Us Are Dead begins with an impressive episode with big scenes in the cafeteria, school when students and teachers are simultaneously infected and turned into zombies. After the initial wave of the pandemic subsided, All of Us Are Dead became a survival drama, with many characters hiding, mostly in different parts of the school, some in other areas. Various of the fictional Hyosan town.

In addition to the first episode, the rare highlight of All of Us Are Dead is how viruses and humans “evolve”, creating a creature called “hombies”, half human, half zombie. Unlike previous zombie movies, it is the “hombies” element that makes the film more lively and interesting, creating a new line of villains besides the zombies that are already very aggressive and scary.

With 12 episodes, averaging one hour each, All of Us Are Dead is the longest original Korean series Netflix has released. The first episode made a strong impression, but by about episode 5, the audience will be bored by the repetitive motif, groups of students moving constantly and avoiding zombies. Although introduced as new, the plot of All of Us Are Dead still revolves around the internal conflict of the survivors, an external threat, someone (always male) sacrificing himself, the the other escapes, the story settles for an emotional interlude.

Worth mentioning, this series has too many ethical issues but cannot be solved thoroughly. School bullying, college entrance exams, social inequality, blackmail pornography, cronyism and teenage pregnancy or the Gwangju Massacre and the sinking of the Sewol Ferry are all mentioned. arrive. All of the characters being bullied are portrayed in such a negative way that the audience cannot empathize with them. They are even too rushed and concentrated in numbers to leave little impression. It would be great if the movie took one and dig into it. Obviously too much of anything is not good either.

Possessing a young and talented cast, the way screenwriter Chun Sung Il builds the character’s personality is really not very good. Unlike the original webtoon, the 2 female leads On Jo (Park Ji Hoo) and Nam Ra (Cho Yi Hyun) are not popular with many viewers. If On Jo is too melancholy and weak, Nam Ra is not personable and strong, instead, she is cold and rigid. Some other prominent characters such as police officer Song Jae Il (Lee Kyu Hyung) or delegate Park Eun Hee (Bae Hae Sun) appeared like a fleeting wind that did not leave much of an impression as well as affect the film’s flow. . In general, the screenwriters don’t let the audience feel any good character in the characters to really empathize with them, let alone love them.

Director Lee JQ really took a big gamble when he embarked on an All of Us Are Dead adaptation . The school zombie theme may be novel, but the series still lacks a key impressive identity and moral lesson “enough” to help the film emerge as a global phenomenon like Train to Busan or Kingdom .

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