All Of Us Are Dead Filming Locations, Only in a Four-Story Building, How is that possible?

All Of Us Are Dead is a series that aired on Netflix on January 28, 2022.

All Of Us Are Dead tells the story of the struggle of a group of high school students against a group of zombies who are their own friends.

All Of Us Are Dead is set in a beautiful school located in Hyosan city Seoul with peaceful views of the surrounding city.

The shooting location of All Of Us Are Dead is still a curiosity for many loyal viewers.

The filming location for the All Of Us Are Dead series is expected to be visited by the audience to feel the terrible atmosphere of a zombie attack again.

So where exactly is the Hyosan school building?

Reported by from Readsme, the All Of Us Are Dead series takes the background of a school building which was recorded in South Korea.

There are many places from the Korean side that are suitable for shooting this zombie-themed series, so the cast and crew did not travel overseas to do so.

If you have watched All Of Us Are Dead, of course, everyone will understand the city setting with the nuances of the village.


The shooting location for All Of Us Are Dead was done in the city of Seoul by making every scene feel so realistic.

Even the crew collaborated with print artists to make each scene accurately depict the zombie action.

Starting with the zombie make-up and clothes that are made exactly to the description of how terrifying the creature is.

In addition, there are many tests and experiments on important scenes such as in the library and restaurant.

The supporting cast who become students with viral infections are carried out by a group of professional dancers and choreographers to be able to present a real experience for the audience.

The entire production itself is done in a four-story building which is the school setting for the players with some computer effects to add a real effect.

As for the stunts (Stunts) the character Yoo Chan Young and other characters must be trained hard to appreciate every detail of the conditions of the spread of the zombie outbreak.

The shooting of the series took place in mid-2021, but the process had to be permanently stopped due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus that began to peak again in the area.

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