Airline Stewardess Alludes To ENHYPEN’s Attitude When Traveling, What Is It Like?


ENHYPEN Is Currently Carrying Out Group Activities By Becoming A Lineup At A K-Pop Music Festival In Germany. When Fans Accidentally Met A Flight Attendant Who Was On The Same Plane With The Idol, They Were Shocked.

ENHYPEN has reportedly landed in Germany to perform at the KPOP.FLEX festival. The presence of this one boy group has received a warm welcome from fans.

When ENHYPEN landed safely in Germany and was greeted by fans who respectfully kept their distance, ENGENES (fandom name) saw a number of flight attendants also arrive. Out of curiosity, they asked the flight attendants about their experiences flying with idols.

After the flight attendants confirmed that they were on the same flight as ENHYPEN, fans asked about ENHYPEN’s good behavior. The cheerful flight attendant confirmed them by nodding her head and even sharing a bit of their personalities.

“Are you all flying with ENHYPEN?” asked the fan. “Yes,” replied the flight attendant. “Are they good?” asked the fan again then answered with a nod and then the flight attendant smiled, “Yes, they are quiet but they are very nice.”

Before fans said goodbye and thanked them for their time, they said that. It is possible that passengers can lose control on flights and treat flight attendants badly.

It’s great to know ENHYPEN is polite and considerate of other people. The flight attendant’s positive experience with the group quickly caught the attention and melted the hearts of fans. Even when the camera is off, the ENHYPEN members are as caring and sweet as they seem.

“Imagine them talking face to face,” commented the fan. “ENHYPEN good boy polite child,” wrote another. “Glad to hear the flight attendant volunteered to talk about ENHYPEN. Maybe they were silent because they were tired,” wrote another.

As is known, KPop.Flex is the first K-Pop music event in Europe that will present 7 K-Pop groups and will last for 5 hours. KPop.Flex itself is the first K-Pop Mega Concert festival in Europe.

The location of the KPop.Flex event will be held at Deutsche Bank Park, Frankfurt, Germany. It is known that the lineup that includes filling this event includes ENHYPEN, MONSTA X , (G)I-DLE , and NCT DREAM and many more. Therefore, this event has attracted a lot of interest for K-Pop fans because it will feature large groups as previously mentioned.


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