Ahn Hyo Seop Continues To Change The Image In Every Drama Project To Be In The Spotlight

Ahn Hyo Seop’s Ability To Carry Out Various Transformations Is Considered An Advantage And Also Proves That He Is A Refined And Outstanding Actor.

Ahn Hyo Seop is currently being talked about a lot for his role in the drama ” Business Proposal “. The actor who was born in 1995 plays the character of Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of a company in the food sector who has a narcissistic nature who thinks he is perfect without anyone being able to refuse.

Following this popularity, drama fans began to look for and pay attention to Ahn Hyo Seop’s filmography. Many praised the handsome actor’s acting ability because his image always changes in every project.

Ahn Hyo Seop managed to attract attention when showing off his unexpected and unique charm through the web drama ” Top Management ” in 2018. In particular, he appeared with a 5:5 parting hairstyle, exuding a completely different feeling.

After that, Ahn Hyo Seop again changed the image of the character Yoo Chan in ” Still 17 ” where he showed innocent and cheerful characteristics with a cute charm. Through ” Abyss “, Ahn Hyo Seop shook the hearts of female fans with his more mature appearance and low-pitched voice.

Furthermore, when starring in ” Dr. Romantic 2 “, Ahn Hyo Seop covered his entire forehead with bangs then perfectly performed the roles of doctor and surgeon general, revealing an unexpected charm.

When starring in ” Lovers of the Red Sky “, Ahn Hyo Seop became a more manly figure and often showed his hard muscles. He also became a tsundere figure with beautiful red eyes and anesthetized the audience.

His ability to carry out various transformations is considered an advantage and also proves that Ahn Hyo Seop is a refined and outstanding actor. Viewers are raising high expectations for the actor’s future activities and transformations.

Meanwhile, “Business Proposal” will air the latest episode on Monday (21/3) tonight. This drama only has a total of 12 episodes. The previous “Business Proposal” managed to record a rating exceeding 10 percent. Don’t miss watching it.

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