Admits Injured Members, Chorong Leader Reveals Apink’s Fate After Na Eun Leaves


Chorong Immediately Wrote A Handwritten Letter Shortly After Na Eun Was Confirmed To Leave, Revealing That Apink Would Be Doing This In Their New Promotion As 5 Members.

The fans are now successfully surprised because Na Eun decided to leave A Pink . This statement has been directly confirmed by Apink’s agency, IST Entertainment. Na Eun through her personal Instagram account has also written a touching message regarding her decision to leave.

Shortly after the announcement of Na Eun’s departure, the leader Chorong also wrote a handwritten letter. Chorong expressed apologies for the news that was so shocking and disappointed fans.

The beautiful idol born in 1991 said that all members also felt hurt related to the release of Na Eun, who had been with them for more than 10 years. Apink is also confirmed to have discussed about Na Eun who finally left.

” Hello Panda (Apink fans). While wondering what words might cheer our Panda up a bit, I thought a lot while writing and rewriting this. Even though I know that our Panda doesn’t like it when we apologize, it really hurts my heart so that for now, the only thing I have to say is I’m sorry. To Panda who must have been very shocked and very hurt, I want to sincerely apologize, ” said Chorong.

” After our last special album, all the members thought and talked a lot about Apink’s future going forward. Because these are members who have been together for the hard and happy times for the past 10 years, this moment also doesn’t feel real to us, ” said Chorong.

” In order to maintain Apink for 10 years, each member has made a lot of sacrifices and put in a lot of effort. Because we know very well about each other, this is a decision we made after really thinking about what is best for each other, ” he explained.

Chorong then hopes that Panda will look forward to Apink with 5 members. He made sure that all Apink members also felt heavy about this change. However, Apink will certainly try harder for the sake of fans.

Although our Panda must be very sad, I hope you guys will watch over our new beginning. While promoting as five members this time, it’s also very difficult for us mentally, and we work really hard if Panda sees an empty space. In the future, I will think we should work even harder, ” admitted Chorong.

While Panda ‘s heart probably won’t feel any better right now, I promise that we will show you that we are working harder. Please believe for once that our members always worry about Panda and always prioritize Apink. Let’s cherish the good memories of the past we and I hope we can make new happy memories together, ” said Chorong.

” Although it will take a long time, we will work harder. Once again, I sincerely apologize to Panda. We will soon welcome you again with good music. From leader Chorong, ” concluded Chorong.


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