Admits Drunk Driving, SBS Announces Kim Sae Ron Out In Drama ‘Trolley’

SBS Spoke Up Regarding The News That It Was Looking For Kim Sae Ron In The Upcoming Drama, ‘Trolley’, Which Had Previously Confirmed Its Cast After The DUI Case.

Currently, Kim Sae Ron is getting the full spotlight of the South Korean public and Korean drama fans. Yesterday, Wednesday (18/5) Kim Sae Ron was reported to have been driving drunk and hit an electric power box.

Today, Thursday (19/5) Kim Sae Ron through his agency Goldmedalist Entertainment finally admitted that he was driving drunk. Kim Sae Ron expressed apologies and the agency ensured that the artist under their auspices would follow the investigations of the authorities properly.

Before Kim Sae Ron confessed his actions, rumors emerged in the entertainment world that SBS was currently looking for a replacement for the 2000-born actress for the drama ” Trolley “. Kim Sae Ron is known to be one of the actors in the drama starring Park Hee Soon and Kim Hyun Joo .

However, SBS revealed that this matter is still being considered. Thus, it is still unclear whether Kim Sae Ron will be removed from her position as Kim Soo Bin.

“It has not been decided whether Kim Sae Ron will leave or not. We are still discussing,” said SBS.

SBS then immediately gave further confirmation regarding Kim Sae Ron’s joining in the drama “Trolley” after admitting to driving a car when drunk. SBS stated that Kim Sae Ron decided to withdraw from the drama.

“Kim Sae Ron’s agency apologized and announced his intention to step down, so we accepted the request,” explained SBS.

Even so, SBS still hasn’t announced the replacement for Kim Sae Ron in “Trolley”. The drama itself is planned to premiere in the second half of this year.

“Trolley” tells the story of Joong Do (Park Hee Soon) and Hye Ju (Kim Hyun Joo) who are a married couple. Joong Do is a member of the National Assembly and he is driven to make the world a better place. His wife Hye Ju runs a book repair shop, she hides a secret, which even Joong Do doesn’t know. Hye Ju wants a peaceful and normal life. Even though her husband is a politician, Hye Ju has never sought publicity or appeared in the media. Due to a case, Hye Ju’s secret comes to the public.

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