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8 Information You May Have Missed On Sunday’s ‘the Walking Dead’ 11b Finale

8 Information You May Have Missed On Sunday’s ‘the Walking Dead’ 11b Finale

President William Milton is on Lance’s coin.

The coin presenting William Milton, based on Tom Luse, is dated 1982.AMC

We had been informed that Pamela Milton’s family came from political royalty. William’s Pamela’s father. We formerly noticed a portrait of him on season eleven, episode 10, “New Haunts.”

Kang showed on Twitter that William is based totally on “TWD” government producer Tom Luse.Lance’s fortunate coin didn’t pop out of nowhere.

Lance shows Maggie his lucky coin.AMC

If Lance’s dependence on his valuable coin seemed out of nowhere, we formerly saw the coin on season eleven, episode 12 at some stage in a communique with Maggie.

In the episode, Lance found out the coin turned into most effective gold-plated. The takeaway turned into a proposal that whilst the Commonwealth become something vivid on the outside, it can be uglier below the surface.

Still, although it was delivered earlier than, Lance became specially reliant at the coin to decide all of us’s destiny. It just seemed like a story that was shared to inform us some thing approximately the Commonwealth.Lance flips his coin on the episode’s end because the Oceanside group is coated up.

Lance Hornsby rounds up the Oceanside community at the end of Sunday’s “TWD.” Things are not searching outstanding for Rachel and the opposite women.Jace Downs/AMC

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Angela Kang found out that Lance changed into “flipping the coin to decide whether they are going to stay or die.”

That’s taking us back to season eight while Simon murdered Jadis’ complete group of Scavengers without Negan’s understanding. As you may consider, Negan’s Saviors had cruelly wiped out all of Oceanside’s men.

Here, Lance would be finishing the process. If Lance murders the Oceanside ladies (who clearly haven’t been adding a lot to the tale for some time), it is probable going to raise all styles of hell.Make no mistake, Maggie has now not forgiven Negan regardless of what she said to him on Sunday’s episode.

Negan and Maggie on season 11, episode 5 of “TWD.”Josh Stringer/AMC

Maggie can also have told Negan that she’s starting to trust him, however that doesn’t mean they’re about to become great buds.

On aftershow “Talking Dead,” Lauren Cohan made it clean that Maggie hasn’t forgiven the man who killed her husband in front of her.

Maggie and Negan could be paired collectively on subsequent 12 months’s “TWD” derivative, “Isle of the Dead,” a display that Cohan teased might be “very scary.”

Cohan stated that when the show premieres Maggie and Negan “are not pals.”

“But there is loads this is brought up among them by using form of being pressured into this specific, unique scenario,” Cohan said, including, “We’re gonna be in New York City [on] a very vital project.”

Lance asks Leah toMarco’s demise foreshadows Leah’s.

Leah shoots Marco within the returned of the pinnacle before she’s taken out later inside the episode inside the identical manner.AMC

Marco distinctly receives shot inside the again of the top on Sunday’s episode.

That’s how Leah dies later in the episode while she’s shot via Daryl (Norman Reedus).

Showrunner Angela Kang informed Insider they taken into consideration giving Daryl and Leah a bit of discussion earlier than her death, however Reedus Maggie tells Elijah and Lydia: “I’ll find you.”

Maggie tells Lydia and Elijah she’ll discover them. Glenn spoke the identical words to Maggie.AMC, composite via Kirsten Acuna/Insider

As they separate within the woodland, Maggie speaks a few famous remaining phrases.

“I’ll find you” is what Maggie’s husband, Glenn, said to her as he died on the season seven most advantageous.Jules and Luke aren’t seen in the Oceanside roundup.

We’re hoping this is not a mistake and was completed on reason.

Dan Fogler’s Luke has been missing from the collection for a piece as he starred in “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.” Fogler has surmised that Luke has been living at Oceanside.

We’re hoping that he and Jules fled Oceanside for assist as they saw the Commonwealth soldiers input.Leah doesn’t kill Maggie proper away due to the fact she had large plans for her.

Leah’s mistake isn’t always killing Maggie proper away.Jace Downs/AMC

If you concept it became stupid that Leah tied Maggie up and waited to kill her, Kang says there has been a cause for that. She desired her to go through the manner she did.

“Leah probable might’ve dragged back Maggie’s loved ones and killed them in front of her,” Kang advised EW. “I think she desired her to be affected by having to watch the people she cherished die.”

Kang added: “Because otherwise she could have simply killed her.”

As a reminder, Leah blames Maggie for killing her Reaper family. (Of direction, Maggie does that because the Reapers have been killing her humans. The cycle of violence is in no way-finishing.)

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